Lily and I have known each other some time. 12 years to be exact. Funny enough, we had a mildly antagonistic relationship early on. I still remember the first time we met, while I was in undergrad. My brother and his girlfriend at the time brought her over to my apartment to introduce her.


I thought she was cute up until I found out she didn’t know how to make coffee. In fact, she struggled so much my first words toward her ended up being a friendly, “Are you trying to burn my apartment down?”


After our first meeting, Lily became more of an elusive myth like bigfoot, unicorns, or good looking Birkenstocks. I remember coming home from school on weekends, starving for something warm and home made, only to be told that the infamous “Lily” had gotten to it moments before and left before I arrived.


She was always just out of reach, like my mother’s cooking on weekends.


After undergrad, life happened to us both and we saw less of each other but even then, from the beginning, I knew she’d be someone special to me. We didn’t see each other often. That is until a fortunate time about six years ago when we found ourselves in similar situations. Both single and open to meeting someone.


Finally, I had the notorious Lily within my grasp. I almost couldn’t believe it and decided to interrogate her. While trying to figure out her intrepid plan to burn my apartment down so many years ago, I instead found out how much we have in common.


We share a similar taste in music, in movies, in food, in beer tastes and in the goals we have set out in our lives. We share a similar sense of humor, to the point I’ll start laughing and she already knows what I’m thinking (it’s eerie.)

This really facilitated our relationship through the rocky and the smooth and everything in between, to the point I can’t see my life without her.


Eventually (because we never do anything in order) we began to live together, we became a family along with our three amazing daughters, and now, we’re taking the last step to make it all permanent. We’re getting married, buying a minivan and maybe moving to the suburbs too.


While searching for an exciting new minivan, we took a detour and began looking for wedding photographers. This is how we come across Justyna’s work and immediately fell in love with it.


Instead of having couples stand in awkward prom poses, we loved the fact that she allowed couples to be themselves and captured their love in the moment.


From the second I spoke with Justyna, I knew she would be the best fit for Chris and I. Her enthusiasm and her genuine nature has made our experience extraordinary and I cannot wait for her to capture the most important day of our lives. There is no one whom I would trust more to deliver such breathtaking photos.



Planning your Colorado WINTER Adventure Elopement 


Did you get inspired by this elopement at Rocky Mountain National Park during winter wonderland? Are you dreaming about eloping but have no idea of where to even begin or what is an adventure day and what it could look like?

Check out the real adventure couples stories and reflections on their big day: Elopement and Intimate Wedding Planning tips and love stories and these:

for inspiration!

As an adventure wedding photographer and guide, it’s my passion to help you play and craft the best day of your life unique to your love story and vision for their wedding day.

Get in touch to begin planning your WINTER COLORADO ADVENTURE.



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  1. How have I not seen this stunning winter Dream Lake elopement yet?!? This is seriously so stunning, friend! I love their adventurous spirit!!!

  2. Yay for couples who will hike in winter for us! Rocky Mountain National Park is such a gorgeous place (just saw it for the first time last week)! I love the look of the snow in her hair!!

  3. This is one of my fave national parks ever! You captured some unbelievably gorgeous moments!

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  9. My partner and I are planning to elope in New Zealand, looking at your photographs make we wish it was happening sooner! Congratulations!

  10. This is so sweet, i love how you tell the love story of you two. So sweet that you two has everything in common, that is really hard to find. The photos was so lovely, it looks so naturally captured.

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