Nick and Marissa’s first date was in October, 2015, at Rock Bottom in downtown Denver.  Rock Bottom was the name of the restaurant, not necessarily where they were at in their lives.  Either way, it all got better from there.  Nick drove all the way from Wyoming for the date after a few weeks of talking to Marissa online. Both were nervous to meet each other but are now they are so thankful they did.  As the months went by, they fell in love not only with each other, but with each other’s families, friends and their faith.

After a year and a half of dating, Nick was ready to pop the question. But he first had to ask for permission from Marissa’s dad, Vince, over lunch.  Vince’s only request was that their future children’s AFC football team had to be the Broncos. Nick agreed, sort of.  Then came April 8th, 2017.  The plan was set.  Nick would bring Marissa’s dog, Blu, on a shopping trip to Home Depot (this was a regular occurrence) to inconspicuously hand him off to Marissa’s brother, Andrew.  Andrew would then bring Blu on a hiking trail and hand him to someone else before Marissa and Nick approached.  Marissa would see Blu and proceed to read his ID tag which read, “will you marry Nick?”  The day was filled with perfectly imperfect moments…

First, when Nick and Andrew went to scope out the hiking trail that morning, they got a flat tire.  Next, Marissa wanted to go with Nick to Home Depot, being clueless to the plot.  Luckily Nick texted Andrew the change of plans and Andrew was able to pick up Blu and his dog tag at Marissa’s house.  After Home Depot, Marissa proceeded to delay the hike while poor Andrew got sunburnt on the trail waiting for them to arrive.  When they finally began the hike, Marissa had no idea what awaited her.  Ten minutes in Nick said, “Oh look an old English sheep dog.”  Marissa ran toward the stranger with the dog thinking it had to be her Blu Bear.  After seeing that this dog had a different tag, she became confused and honestly thought the dog was a lookalike.  Nick then asked Marissa, “Well what’s the dog’s name then?”  Marissa read the tag.  She was shocked and turned around to see Nick on one knee with the ring in hand.  She was shaking and without hesitation said yes.

The day was very special and it was even more special that Marissa’s brother, dad and pup were all involved. Marissa instantly called her sisters and mom to let them know what had happened – not a moment later the wedding planning began. On the drive home they called Nick’s parents and Nick’s mom, Kim, said something to Marissa that will always be special to her, “Welcome to the family, we are so excited for you two!” Nick and Marissa are so excited to make this promise to God and to each other.  The journey will be an amazing one…


We picked Justyna to be our photographer because I loved how natural all of her photos are. I love how she captures the nature and the beauty of the day. I love her organic twist on weddings and I am so excited see to see what she does for our wedding day.  


Venue: Willow Ridge Manor

Second Shooter: Sharee Davenport

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  1. This is so beautiful! Colorado looks like a wedding photographer’s dream! You did an amazing job with the scenery and action shots!