Cinematic, Heart-sewn, windswept, soul-stirring love stories.

My HYGGE is...
...spending the adventure day UNPLUUGED...hiking above 11,000 feet...
...awaiting that golden, warm sunlight...and the way it feels...kissing my couples sunrise....
....building the bonfire...and warm snuggles by that warmth...its crackling sounds...that bring us back to those childhood memories...
...the smells of that alpine breeze...that will make your feet
and that feel of your feet on the grass.....
...candlelight twinkles....around hot springs....with just two of you....
and those handwritten vows...maybe on the scratch of paper....the honest words...that come alive when we say the words "I DO"...
and sips of coffee on the hiking trail at 4 am...


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Stargazing, the smell of alpine tundra after it rains, Misty mornings among alpine peaks in the Rockies, earl grey tea with a splash of whole milk, magnolia blooms scent, the smell of-good books, braids, long evening Backgammon tournaments at 12,000 feet with just head lamps light on, and long eye gazes followed by long conversations by the bonfire, sounds of Spring and wildflowers among hiking trails , open windows....when driving along Trail Ridge Road...getting so absorbed in crafting your Adventure Day you forget the world exists, laced up your boots hiking boots thousands miles in...ready for majestic adventure of a lifetime amongst woodlands of Evergreens maybe even sprinkled with fresh powder squeezed between the peaks....where the towering mountains twinkling with alpine lakes below your feet....where the sweeping ridges and airy vistas soar well above the tree line.....snuggly bonfire kisses and the warm fire after the hike....awaiting those starry nights filled with the ultimate blessing....hearts dancing, twirling, in love... My people I bow to your hearts....

...those are the moments....worth waiting for...Pop The Bubbly...I can hardly wait to chat all the details!

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I can hardly wait to speak all about your dream vision,  those timeless mountain hiking adventures🙌 did I mention is a must visit place  at 12,000 feet above where the sky touches our souls……where the sunlight warms up our hearts, where adventures bring all the dreamy, where magic happens…if you just close your eyes and FEEL. 


And for those passionate souls ready to book I always give 10% off any package…but you must book, secure your date by signing your contract within 24 hours the time we connect!

If yes…let’s adventure!


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Dreamy sunrise adventure for two in love ladies, Love is Love

I am ALL about embracing the weather on your elopement day…Rain or sunshine, snow flurries or desert heat at 12000 feet. Colorado can be very temperamental therefore we must be ready for all! I shoot in all weather conditions…rain or shine! Embracing the day as it reveals itself…that’s what makes your story, yours.

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You, who feels like the best version of herself at sunrise when the air is crackling…say:

‘Most noteworthy, we spent the rest of the morning picking up my frozen dress that crunched every time I touched it as we were dancing, running, spinning, and cuddling in the winter wonderland. Frequently forgetting just how cold it was. And just being with each other on top of a mountain giggling and kissing was the only thing that mattered."

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colorado elopement photographer | Justyna E Butler Photography | Colorado Mountain Weddings

What do you picture when thinking ” Adventure Wedding”? What comes to your mind when someone shares their adventure elopement experiences? What do you feel when someone shares that they wore hiking boots and Yak spikes on their wedding day? Or maybe they hikes 10 miles to their ceremony spot in their wedding dress? What is that is so appealing to those who would rather get up at 2am, got their cup of coffee and hit the hiking trail just

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