September 29, 2021

Summit Lake Adventurous in Hiking Boots For This Evergreen Forest Wedding With Ethereal Florals

Summit Lake Adventurous Portraits in Hiking Boots For This Evergreen Forest Wedding With Ethereal Floral Backdrop


Is adventure calling your soul to grab your hiking boots and head off into rugged Colorado landscapes above 12,000 feet to say “I Do”? You do not want to miss Nettie + Jason two big days filled with mountain goats, ethereal sunrise light, jaw dropping mountain peaks, alpine lakes, forest ceremony among Evergreens, surrounded by love ones, and so much love for each other.


They SAUNTERED Colorado sunrise moments in the mountains … In only 45 minute drive to our trailhead..and only 50 degrees at the top ….goats  were chasing the light with us….licking the heck out of my cars…as usual…joining us on trails…super curious…marmots saying hello on every cliff, as you can already feel Autumn breeze…and clearly winning the alpine battle….with still some Wildflower covered hillsides and sheep grazing along the tundra in the combine with awe-inspiring mountain vistas in every direction. I mean….what else could you hope for? A DREAM for adventurous hike for these two and then the intimate wedding with the love ones in Evergreen…Alpen Chalet is such a stunning, intimate wedding venue…the chickens this time around were napping… sleeping though the entire portion of our time up there…so we did not get a chance to play with them…
And did I mention I’m so obsessed with Nettie’s florals? JAW DROPPING…just take a look!

“I think there is something so special about taking photos just the two of us while doing something that we love, being outside. When we were headed to where we were going to do our photos and came around the corner to see a whole heard of elk standing there as the sun came up, it felt like it was just for us. It was so sweet to spend time in each other’s arms in the wide open. Jason was nervous about photos and so was I, but after he was getting instructions like “hold her tighter, give her a kiss” he looked at me and said I can do this all day.

Looking out over the lakes and bumping into sheep all while holding hands is really who we are and so lovely for us that it will be reflected during the weekend we were committing our lives to one another.

Waking up the day we were getting married at the Alpen Way Chalet surrounded by our friends and family with the crisp mountain air just felt so right. The days was full of laughter and tears and food and it was just so special. Jumping on the bed with my best friends (my first loves) and filling my dress with bugs while we took photos was a blast. Jason says that he never forget first seeing me in my dress. Sharing our vows, dancing with friends, and eating tacos is exactly how we wanted to start out lives together.

Thank you so much for capturing all of it and making us feel so comfortable. You were so fun to work with and we can’t wait to see the photos!”

-Nettie + Jason, The adventure elopement Couple





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The way you captured the light and the scenery is just incredible! Well done!

Wow! i really wish Arizona had beautiful lakes like this! This wedding day looks like such a dream! Spending time on the edge of the world together PRIVATELY then celebrating with family? Such an awesome day!!!

Ah this makes me wAnt to go colorado! That wiDe shot photo looks so breathtaking!

Dang Summit Lake looks like such an epic location for an elopement! Gorgeous photos as always!!!


I love your ability to capture some of those moments with a telephoto lens to show the vastness of the area. Great inspiration for anyone looking to elope in Colorado!

Colorado takes the word “rugged” to a whole new level! I just adore the vibes here.

Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed with those super wide shots! You get such a sense of scale there.

Wow – those far-away images that show the entire vista area amazing. Such great moments you caught in the ceremony and adventure.

Wow! You show the scale of those mountains so well! Such a beautiful gallery!

So beAutiful those big mountains are jusy breathe taking

so pretty! I love how many animals you were able to see! and his comment “I could do this all day” – so wonderful!

That sunrise is magical! What a light and lovely photography. Well done!

Rebekah de la Fontaine

Wowww! Love hearing about all the wildlife here. Mountain goats + marmots – oh my! You captured their day perfectly. I love these photos!

This light is so lovely! i adore the fact that they were able to celebrate their love with their family as well as their way, with that beautiful mountain backdrop!

Great to see couples sharing personal moments and Still being able to celebrate with families Too. Some great images here too so thanks for sharing!

Love this area! Your images are breathtaking and yOu captured them perfectly. I love that they were able to i corporate some of theIr loved onEs as well.

this literally looks like a dream and could not have been more perfect. like sign me up please!

WOW!! What an incredible spot to spend time with the love of you life!! absolutely beautiful

Holy cannoli! You Nailed this elopement so perfectly! I am living for those views and just HoW sweet and intimate the entire day was.

ThThank you for sharing this beautiful work with the world and for your clients.


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