March 4, 2021

Springing Forward by Looking Back | 2020 Elopements


In a year that has felt both long and frozen for quite some time I felt extremely lucky to be able to still capture your love story, details, that magic warmth of your hearts, the light you gazed into each other eye when sharing your first looks, the time of joy it brought you when you were hiking at 12,000 feet above, embracing all the challenges that maybe this year has brought us, and that touch…how strong you have become. I will remember those moments forever. Here is to you my brave souls…and your future adventures. Heart you!

What 2020 taught me?
I’m not a a how to soul…
I do not have tricks up in my sleeves…I create from a place of wandering my heart…
I trust of process of whatever comes next…and embrace true soulful adventure…
I take vacations from expectations and perfection…
And trust the process…
And so excited how 2021 unfolds…for us…with 37 adventure elopements and intimate weddings booked for 2021 season I can promise you this…
I will shoot my heart for you…
I may not be able to book anymore for this approaching season….but there is always 2022…

We are now booking for 2022

You guys, we did the unthinkable (hands down)!

I must be one of the luckiest Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographers. Just like 2019, 2020 has gone has gone in a blink of an eye and although we faced lots of challenges…You were a dream! As featured on Wandering Weddings, Rocky Mountain Bride, and so much more.

40 unique adventures…

As a result, 40 heart-melting love stories….

That is to say, 80 adventurous souls took this unique path in 2020 inspite of Covid… Love is never canceled.

” laced up your boots, ready for majestic woodlands of Evergreens and though the wildflower meadows squeezed between the peaks….where the towering mountains twinkling with alpine lakes, where the sweeping ridges and airy vistas soar well above the tree line…..50 100 hearts dancing, twirling, snuggling….in other wordsin love.


And visit my bucket list maybe your dream location is on my list? Certainly, there is no limit to where I’ll travel to document just that! YOU and YOUR STORY! LET’S SET UP AN ADVENTURE!




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oh my god! Your work is so beautiful. Emotion, love and Incredible!

I love the way you capture couples, emotions, and love. Your storytelling is amazing!

Okay, the couple inthe hammock is ABSOLUTELY. incredible! Love that one. What a great look back at your year! stellar work!

This looks like an amazing year! you captured it beautifully and all of your photos are so telling, intimate and represent eloping perfectly! Good luck for next year

This looks like and amazing year! you captured it beautifully and all of your photos are so telling, intimate and represent eloping perfectly!

Oh my goodness, these are all seriously amazing! I love how every couple had their unique adventure! I need to find you on IG noW!


In loooove with these photos! They’re so beautiful! LOVE the one in the hammock.

Colorado will always have my heart. I can see why you are booking into 2022. The way you capture those special in between moments, the space where couples are embracing the stillness… it’s magical.

I smiled through all of these photos, but the puppy one really got me, lol! You’ve captured so much joy and love. Absolutely beautiful work!

nice work and I am impressed to say the least on the inspiring amount of elopements you have booked. its because of the hard work and great skills you have. way to go.

I can’t deal with the last photo. SO. GOOD. This is such a fun blog post, and your work is absolutely stunning!

I love how Intentional Each Photo looks. You are amazing aT what you do and these elopement Moments are so precious.

I love looking back to see the whole year. You had quite the adventures, and that bride with the yellow skirt…I’m in love with it!

What a great 2020 for you! your work is so stunning – very inspiring! That puppy photo is something else!

A gorgeous look back at your incredible year! Here’s to 2021 being even better!

This is gorgeous girl, you produce such beautiful, high quality work! What an amazing year you had!!

Oh what a year 2020 was and you captured it beautifully! all of your photos are so intimate. and heartfelt. Just beautiful!

Aww how beautiful to look back on a year of magical moments! I love how you capture the closeness of your couples in such epic landscapes. Truly beautiful!

S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. I lvoe seeing the different seasons, the different actIvities and all the different personalities shining through.

Oh Justyna your work always just completely blows me away. You captured some incredible couples in 2020, I’m especially obsessed with the yellow of that bride’s wedding dress! Absolutely stunning work as always!

Your work is truly gorgeous Justyna and I always recognize it! so many epic locations and such emotion. Congrats on a fully booked 2021 too!

What gorgeous days full of love and adventure! Absolutely love this looking back over 2020. ❤️ Beautiful photos! Love it!

OH MY GOSH Justyna! These are all so so gorgeous, where do I even start?! Such variety in terrain but I’m such a sucker for that tree one. You are seriously an inspiration for elopements!

You had such a killer 2020 season! Your couples must be incredibly happy with their decision. Can’t wait to see what you produce this year!

So much wonderful love here, here’s to documenting even more intimate moments in 2021!

Congratulations on your 2020 year and featureS! You wRite so eloquently – your wRiting style matches your photography style. Your photos are absolutely stunning.

Your work is so stunning! Heres to another great year! 🎉


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