So, how do we elope in a National park? Colorado Elopement Photographer, Justyna E Butler Photography is sharing her secrets.


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  1. such a useful and complete guide about eloping in national parks, and let me add that your pictures are pure art!

  2. I really love the pictures from winter elopements! And what an extensive resource for couples eloping in a national park! These locations definitely have a unique vibe and are the perfect places to elope for people that wish to connect with nature on their wedding day.

  3. There are so many different rules/regulations for ElOping in a national park, this article provides such great info! Thanks for including your STUNNING images as well!

  4. This is a great comprehensive guide to elopin gin a national park! I also love these moody illustrative photos–really makes me feel like i was there or could be!

  5. This is such an info and well thought out elopement guide for future bride and grooms! And wow, your photos are absolutely gorgeous too. Great job!

  6. National Park Weddings are my absolute favorite. The way you use nature as the venue is spot on, great work!

  7. Oh my gosh, all of these are gorgeous, but those louboutins in that hammock? I’m shook. Love these shots and all of this helpful info!

  8. What a wonderful resource for getting started on planning your elopement! Great info, super useful so thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh man your photos SERIOUSLY just are the mOst ROMANTic. And you MENTIONED all the mOst IMPORTANT things to consider when eloping in a NATIONAL Park. Trust the unknown…. the most truthful staTement in this post lol. Love it!

  10. Such great tips and beautiful photos! Especially love all those Hammock shots – definitely a must have item to further enjoy the day. Gorgeous! Love it!

  11. Wow what an amazing blog about eloping in national parks! Definitely saving this for later to reference back to! Also your work is AMAZING! Love all of the hammock photos!!

  12. I love all the little details you’ve captured, from the flower necklace to the mother-daughter headlamp moment. So sweet!

  13. Your work is stunning! And all your tips of what to think about and make sure are covered while planning a National Park elopement are super helpful. I love the Duct Tape for blisters tip- I’ve always used flex tape, but I bet duct tape stays in place better!


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