July 22, 2021

 Saunter Through Love Along The Mountain Goats Elopement

Saunter Through Love Along The Mountain Goats Elopement

Rockies + Mountain Goats + Marmots + Hiking Boots + Alpine Lakes Colorado Wilderness: Adventure All Day Elopement Climb of a Lifetime

They SAUNTERED Mountains And Eloped at the Summit Surrounded By Alpine Lakes And Wild Waterfalls And Mountain Goats as Witnesses at Sunrise | Colorado | Justyna E Butler Photography | Colorado Adventure Hiking Elopement


Emily + John SAUNTERED in the mountains at sunrise…..Mountain goats 🐐 chasing the light with us….licking the heck out of my car…marmots saying hello on every cliff, icebergs still afloat…as summer is clearly winning the alpine battle….with Wildflower covered hillsides in the combine with awe-inspiring mountain vistas in every direction. I mean….what else could you hope for?
2am wake up calls are my favorite when it feels like you are the only ones awake…and the rest of the world is still asleep and finished up the adventure day at the local craft brewery for a cold sour…and Colorado famous farm to table pizza….best!



When my alarm went off at 11 PM, a mere 45 minutes before the makeup artist was scheduled to arrive, I only had a moment of groggy confusion before I remembered that today was our wedding day! Thankfully, John is a heavy sleeper because I squealed as I jumped out of bed and rushed about, getting things ready. We packed our hiking packs the night before, but that did not stop me from unpacking them and double checking everything. When I got to the winter coats, I almost left them behind. Justyna kept warning us to prepare for a cold morning, but it was 90* in Denver; we thought she was out of her mind!

My hair and makeup were done by 2 AM when John woke. We changed into our dress and suit and had a simple “first look” alone in the hotel room. I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen and had no doubts that he was who I would spend my life with. He told me by butt looked good. We were in the car and on the road by 3 AM. After a dark and quiet drive, we arrived in Breckinridge only to be ‘welcomed’ by the local police officer. We were obviously excited for the day because he informed us that we had been speeding. He let us off with a warning, thanks to the wedding attire that supported our story. 

Colorado Elopement Charm With Mountain Goats And Sunrise Surprising Temperatures


We met Justyna by 5 AM and drove up the most beautiful road I have ever seen. Climbing out of the car, we were glad to have packed the heavy coats since it was now a mere 34*! We were instantly met by a herd of mountain goats with their babies, snacking on grass and licking the salt off our cars. I immediately knew that this would be the best day ever.

Exchanging Vows


We skipped, spun, hugged, and shivered on the mountain side. We said our vows amid the sunrise, temporarily forgetting the temperature. It turned out that we wrote very similar promises and reflected on the same memories without sharing them prior. We often know what the other is thinking without speaking or say things the other swears they were just about to, so this should not have been a surprise, but it still made it extra sweet.


Newlywed Portraits

The temperature rose and we shed the winter wear, continuing the adventure to a waterfall. We heard the rushing water through the pines as we walked and could not stop aweing over how fresh the air smelled. We walked across a rickety log, hung our legs over the edge of a cliff, and shared how much we loved each other. 


Mountain Vibes With Mountain Pizza and Craft Brewery

We finished the day, drinking craft beer at a brewery and eating Colorado-style pizza with Justyna and her son, Robert. It may sound silly or tacky to some, but that’s me and John. It was very different than the 200+ guest, formal wedding we originally planned, but we couldn’t be happier. The day was custom made for us and it is one we will never forget. 


Dress – The White Room Lebanon @whiteroombridals

Hair – Courtney Flavin @CourtneyFlavin

Hair and makeup- Megan Cary Artistry Agency @megancaryartistry

John’s suit – Jos. A. Bank

Suit tailoring – Giorgio Men’s Warehouse @giorgiomenswarehouse

John’s hair – Manny @mannythebarb3r

Hiking gear – Rock/Creek @rockcreekgear and REI @rei


These views cannot be real!! If this doesn’t inspire you to plan your own Colorado Alpine Elopement, I don’t know what will!

Congratulations Emily + John! Your Colorado Mountain Adventure elopement is beyond dreamy!




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Love this elopement! Her hair is so cool. The VARIETY at this location is amazing.

Everything about this is so stunning. Her hair, the dress, the location! what an absolute dream!

WOW! Everything about this is so absolutely dreamy, i don’t know what i love more; the location, the couple, her hair…! You absolutely killed it, this is amazing!

Omg these are all so good, just like always. And her hair is Insane!!! She reminds me of lagerta the viking, wife of Ragnar. She s just Gorgeous!

Such a magical story told in some amazing Photographs! Looks like you got some amazing conditions, not to mention an amazing wildlife encounter. Thanks for sharing!

Justyna, youve done it again! You always manage to craft such maGical and enchanting elopement days for your couples in colorado!

wow, these are stunning! Adding goats to my wedding must-haves. Also, Emily’s hair is my favorite hairstyle I. have ever seen! So incredibly!

Wow! These are just the most incredible photos! Mountains goats!! Amazing light! It sounds like the perfect adventure elopement day.

Love this gallery! The light looked perfect and can’t believe you saw so many goats…amazing! Thanks for sharing

WOw. Her *hair*!!! This is amazing!! If there ever was an adventurous elopement, it would be this.

Wow the sun is absolutely perfect in all of these. You are sooooo talented at what you do!!

These images are absolutely incredible! the warmth, the colors of the scenery, the love between the couple, all of it is just simply amazing 👏

What a magical elopement! I looooove the goats! They seriously must have made the day extra special.

Oh my gosh her HAIR!!! These are so great, i love everything about this. Those goats! sO CUTE. lOOKS LIKE A REALLY AMAZING DAY, NICE WORK 🙂

WOW! Her braided hair reminds me of vikings and I am in love!! You captured their day so perfectly. I love everything about this adventure!

What an incredible elopement! I love the variety of images you got and those mountain goats are so cool! Beautiful!

Your brides hair is amazing!!! And how awesome are those goats!! Beautiful photos once again <3

OMG, her hair is everything! The whole elopement looks so epic and relaxed at the same time! Beautiful work!

Wowww I’m in love with her dress and her hair! This looks like such an incredible day and you can tell they had a blast! You captured them stunningly, and omg the mountain goats, haha!

Looooveee this elopement day! Her hair IS amazing, and I love THAT she didn’t think they would need winter coats… lol! You captured it SO perfectly – especially love all the shots with the goats!

This whole day is breathtaking and when looking at the images of their elopement, i am speechless. just wowza

OMG. Her hair and dress is something out of the leage. I like these mountains and the mood of the photos. Fantastic elopement PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A WEE TOUCH OF GOATS. 🙂

Gorgeous! And I love her hair! I don’t do many sunrise Elopements but yeah – having to get up at 11Pm to begin hair and makeup – dang! I would definitely not look half as good! 😜 Beautiful photos, wonderful day and the mountain goats are so great! Love it!


Wow so mUch wild life! What an epic adventure! Your phoTos are sTunning!

Those photos are so pretty. I love all the mountain goats, especially the little ones!

WOW these are simply epic!!!! Love that braid so much!

Oh man! 11pm wake up time is brutal…. love the sun flares!! I can’t believe gow cute the goats are!

WOW I have never seen such beautiful light like this before – you captured so much beauty and I love the landscape details!! Those goatssssss!!!


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