December 12, 2018





Derek and I met sixteen months ago at a Colorado Rockies game. We had an immediate connection, and were inseparable from the start. Sixteen months may sound fast, but every day with Derek assured me more and more that he is the person I am to spend my life loving. When we decided to get married, it was hard to determine what our ideal wedding would look like. Because of our love for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, we chose a small ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park and weekend in Grand Lake. We had actually never been to Grand Lake before, but the cozy mountain town was perfect for our small family celebration. 
Justyna was incredible. She immediately made both Derek & I feel comfortable, even though it was absolutely freezing and we are not used to cameras in our faces! The goal of our wedding was to celebrate our love with nothing fancy, just close family and a ceremony we would remember forever. Justyna helped us create just that – from the immediate calm we felt with her behind the camera, to helping us choose the perfect ceremony location, we are so grateful she captured our lifetime memories in such a beautiful way.


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These are also so beautiful! looks cold though!!

You captured some amazing moments, beautiful photos.

Absolutely beautiful and a bit mysterious photos! I am definitely impressed by the work of the photographer

You do look very much in love. This is a great photo shoot.

Wow! This is breathtaking.

These photos are super cool. I especially love the look with the lantern in his hand. What a neat idea!

These are stunning!! I’m imagining the couple were so pleased with them!!

Another set of absolutely beautiful photos! The fog makes it all the more beautiful.

These elopement photos from Colorado are special. The foggy pictures are amazing and hard to capture in this beautiful way.

Beautiful photos. I love the story in the beginning. My husband and I dated for only 7 months before getting engaged. We just knew also.

OMG! These are some dreamy pictures… there was a romantic song going on in my head as I scrolled through your pictures.!

Rocky Mountain National Park is seriously so gorgeous, every image is breathtaking!

Rocky Mountain National park is the best place to elope for sure! Colorado is the most epic for lovers! And I do believe I have the best job in the world! Love capturing those epic moments!

These photos capture such emotion. I wish I could capture 1/2 this enormous emotion in my pics!

These photos capture such emotion. I wish I could capture 1/2 this enormous emotion in my pics!

What a mesmerizing place to get breathtaking photos. I’m sure you have taken their memories so well and they’re so happy!

Rocky Mountain National Park is stunning. The mist over the water and the snow add magic to Nicole and Derek’s special day. Sounds like they really love your shots, and rightfully so. They’re stunning.

These photos are just stunning. They look like something from a fairytale. Just gorgeous.

Beautiful pictures in a loverly area.

Wow!! Those opening fog photos are increddddible! Such lovely elopement photos!

That LANTERN! Ugh I love it so much! Probably the cutest prop I’ve seen in a Colorado Elopement ever!

These elopement pictures are fantastic. I love how moody there are compared to the average elopement photo. The Rocky Mountain Park was the perfect backdrop.

I love how different this is! it’s absolutely beautiful! the first set is my favourite, it’s the morning fog.

I feel this photos are so special! I would like to get married once more with my hubby in this spot!

What a beautiful location. I love seeing Colorado elopement photos!!!

Ohhh wow this is so stunning, I absolutely adore this! What a dream.

Loving the pictures looks so beautiful! Nice photography.

Great photos. It’s looks so special! You had find a very nice spot to shoot. Lovely.. ?

These photos are absolutely stunning and I love how you captured their day so perfectly!

I don’t even know where to begin with how awesome this Colorado elopement is. Gorgeous Lindsey!

annnddd by Lindsey I mean Justyna!

A fresh and crisp mountain wedding. You captured it perfectly!

Incredible photographs of a Colorado elopement! That is such a great setting down my the lake – very romantic!

This Colorado elopement is stunning!! I love the fog and purple skies in the photographs

Wowzers, this Colorado elopement is so winter wonderland! I would love to get married in the snow in the mountains!

Wow, these bring tears to my eyes! The mist and that sunrise… too gorgeous. Colorado looks like its the ultimate place to have an elopement!

Wow. These photos are so gorgeous

Oh wow. These pictures are just lovely. I can feel the emotions in these pictures.

These photos are breathtaking. I love the early morning shots!

The photos are so beautiful. I love the atmosphere the fog creates in them. I wish the lovely couple all the best in their new married life.

Very lovely photos. The place is already exceptional and you make it more special with your lovely scenes guys.

Omg the pictures are beautiful! I wish you the best of luck and a great journey ahead!

Wow! It is really fantastic. It is just so amazing! I loveeeee it!

So so beautiful! I love looking at photos of elopements. They’re so intimate.

Catherine Santiago Jose

Wow, this is so nice and I love everything about this wedding it so beautiful. Congrats to the newly weds and congrats for another amazing photography.

These photos are just GORGEOUS! I cant even – I mean, they are STUNNING!

So gorgeous and what a beautiful place to elope!

I love your photos! The atmosphere created on this series is so unique ? Keep up the good job!

Your photos!!! No words! Congrats guys, you two look gorgeous!

What a gorgeous winter Colorado elopement!!! Such beautiful images!

WOW this is so cool, I want to shoot a Rocky Mountain Elopement so bad!!!

Wow! What a beautiful couple! Colorado is such a perfect place to elope! Amazing work!

Absolutely stunning pictures! Looks like a beautiful wedding.

Oh wow! I’m not sure I could ever leave that place. it is absolutely the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen.

So many things to love about Colorado! It’s really beautiful out there

These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding!!

The way you capture photos is beyond magical. You are really talented.

What a brave thing- a winter RMNP elopement! You captured it so well.

The pictures alone are beautiful and so unique, but add in the immediate love story and it’s just heaven!

These photos are so breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Wow! Who knew Colorado could be such a magical place for a winter elopement! Reminds me of Frozen!

This is so incredibly gorgeous!! Now I want to do a winter Colorado elopement lol!

Looks so cold and dreamy, like something out of a fairy tale. Love the shots.

This winter Colorado elopement is beautiful!!! So dreamy!


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