We don’t necessarily have a traditional or adorable beginning. I mean, we knew “of” each other over 10 years ago because our schools played each other in basketball and he likes to claim he had a mini crush on me…
However, it wasn’t until then end of 2013 that our paths crossed again when Pedro started going to my gym. He kept sending me flirty messages on Facebook and wrote notes in my training log at the gym when I wasn’t looking.
Naturally, I ignored him. For months. I was going through a painful phase in my life and the last thing I needed was a new relationship.
And because of that, Pedro and I have had a long slow build-up to where we are now. We are not a fairy tale, and getting here wasn’t easy. Both of us had baggage and hard stuff to work through but we just never quit on each other.
Pedro was different than any person I ever dated and he almost intimidated me. He wasn’t in your face boisterous or outgoing, he just did his own thing. He didn’t care what people thought of him, he didn’t adhere to social norms, didn’t follow those “rules” I thought everyone needed to follow.
I had spent 27 years of my life trying anxiously to fit in and here was a guy hell-bent on creating his life according to what made him happy. I was intrigued and terrified.
I’m a private, nervous, introverted person so I always figured I’d wind up with someone opposite of me because of my “faults.” I thought I needed someone complete my missing parts but Pedro helped me be OK with who I am.
He made me realize that I didn’t need someone to complete me because I wasn’t half of a person to begin with.
We did things differently. We didn’t meet each other’s families or seek approval from our friends. We didn’t display our relationship on social media or be seen publicly out and about.
All those mandatory milestones were instead spent focused on us and what we felt comfortable with. And us two introverted creatures felt comfortable in quiet moments alone. We led independent lives, but teamed it up when it mattered to us.
The slow build of a solid foundation has been the most rewarding.
The mountains have symbolized “us” for a couple of years. Our first trip together over two years ago was a turning point in our relationship. The 8 hour car ride from Nebraska to the mountains was a true test of how much we actually enjoyed being with each other.
We have made numerous treks back to Colorado since. We are at peace there. We love the challenge of hiking, we love the quiet, we love the beauty, we love feeling small among God’s creations. The mountains are our second home so it’s only fitting that we get married surrounded by them.
Just us, how it’s been for our whole relationship.
Since we knew what we wanted, I scoured the internet to figure out if our dream was even possible. We are from Nebraska–we had no idea where to elope in Colorado or how it works or who could capture those precious moments between the 2 of us.
When I stumbled upon Justyna’s blog I was absolutely blown away by her breathtaking photos and the beautiful stories of all the couples. We wanted that intimate adventure she promised to create!
This whole process was so easy and Justyna’s infectious enthusiasm has melted away all of our nervousness about our day. She is awesome about checking in and has guided me with all my questions. I’m so glad we chose her.


And if you are thinking to adventure with me in Colorado or anywhere else or need inspiration to set your souls on fire contact me or check our these breathtaking adventures.

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  1. THe perspective on that first photo is just incredible! But my favorites are the up close ones. seriously…I wish it was me in these pictures. So so so stunning!

  2. Seriously, Justyna, your work is always stunning and I love how your perspective is so uniquely yours. You’ve outdone yourself on these images!! Dying over the depth of field in that first set where your couple is out on the rocky ledge.

  3. Oh Justyna these are what I LIVE for. Goodness they will cherish these forever. You and your elopements – You are out of this world talented my lady!

  4. These. Are. Effing. Beautiful.
    I literally took a moment to soak in every single one- you are an incredible talent, and I was sucked into their story both in word and image. Great work!

  5. Justyna your work never ceases to amaze me!
    These are incredible- I REALLY love the ones with the blanket!