June 18, 2018




Alyssa and I met the way many folks do these days – on an online dating site. We joke that since our “how we met story” isn’t terribly interesting, we have to make for it regularly with new adventures so we have some stories to tell the grandkids. And boy, do we adventure.

Alyssa had just recently gotten into rock climbing when we met. Using all the enthusiasm and charm at her disposal (and she has a wealth of each), she eventually convinced her somewhat skeptical, trepidatious new boyfriend (that’d be me) to give the sport a go. From then on, climbing has been one of the core bonding activities around which our relationship revolves. It gives us the opportunity to rely on each other, push each other, get into nature together, and to keep our body and minds healthy as a couple.

For our first year anniversary, the two of us came out to Boulder, CO for the first time to climb and hike and enjoy the Rockies. It was a love almost as instant as when the two of us met each other – not love at first sight, but pretty darn close. After our time here, it was obvious that even though we live in San Antonio, Texas, the spirit of our love was better represented by Colorado, and we’d have to have our wedding here. Having our engagement photos done here was just a delightful added bonus, and we couldn’t be more excited.


We chose Justyna to be our photographer for her dramatic style and obvious talent for taking the majesty of natural landscapes and turning them into a third subject in her couples’ photos rather than just a backdrop.

Her portfolio was also impressive in size, which helped us make the difficult choice of choosing a photographer from afar much easier. Her excitement and expertise have been invaluable to Alyssa and I as we take this next step to celebrate our life and love together.

Feeling Inspired and would love to set up an adventure with me? Let’s go!


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Eek the ones of her dancing are my faaavorite!

Girl!!! Your work is so unique and so beautiful!!! Every single time it turns out amazing!!

This couple obviously made the perfect choice in picking you to capture their love. These are epic and amazing!

This is beyond dreamy! That couple is adorable and the photos with his guitar melt my heart

You remind me why I love Rocky Mountain National Park for couples so much! What a stunning session!

How do you always manage to capture these?! It’s like you hike the opposite mountain to get your angles! Pure magic.

If you’re going to plan an adventure engagement session, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park is the place to do it! Oliver is right, your style is dramatic and you totally killed every type of light!

Your adventure engagements are literally what wanderlust is made of! These are gorgeous!

Oh, I love the photos of him playing guitar and her dancing! These photos are full of joy, love, and playfulness!

OMG this give me so many feeeeels. You guys hiked all the way up there for the engagement session? It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

Brittany Slaughter

this sun drenched engagement session is so lovely! what a dream

Oh wow! This Rocky Mountain National Park engagement sessions is AMAZING! What a fun way to celebrate getting engaged and explore your adventurous side.

This hiking engagement is seriously a dream come true Justyna! I can’t wait to visit Rocky Mountain National Park one day agghhh!

What a STUNNING location in the Rocky Mountain National Park! by the looks of it, it seems that it was worth all the hiking for the engagement session! Beautiful as always!

Oh, Justyna! What a wonderful adventure in RMNP—hiking engagements are my FAVORITE, especially along Trail Ridge Road. I love how intimate and emotive your images are. You clearly capture not only nature, but a beautiful connection with and between your clients. So inspiring!

Justynae, these are great! You made good use of the harsh light up on that mountain. Of course, Rocky Mountain National Park is perfect for an adventure engagement or elopement!

Trail Ridge Road is one of my favorite places in Rocky Mountain National Park for an engagement session! I love the photos with the guitar!

Love her dress! The Rocky Mountains definitely make for a gorgeous photo shoot! This is so creative, so unique from all of your typical engagement shoots.

Oh that blanket makes this engagement session so romantic and dreamy. I love Rocky Mountain National Park. The perfect placce for an adventure session. Love your work!

These photos are absolutely stunning! I love Rocky Mountain National Park and it’s so fun to adventure with couples on Trail Ridge Road! I am dying at your tilt shift magic, so freaking beautiful!

The photos of him serenading her are just dreamy! I love how you got the golden hour light in the Rocky Mountains. This is so adventurous and the tilt shift adds to the magic.

Holy wow, what an incredible Rocky Mountain Engagement adventure! I’m always so obsessed with your tilt shift magic!

Your Rocky Mountain sessions are always amazing! Love this engagement adventure.

Her dress is PERFECT for their adventure portraits! Definitely going to have to check out Trail Ridge Road!

I always look forward to your posts because it means I get to see more gorgeous images from Rocky Mountain National Park. Where do you find these adventurous couples and how do you get them to do their engagement sessions in the mountains? Teach me your ways!

Okay, I LOVE the tilt-shift effects you’re using! This is such a gorgeous adventure engagement session. When I visit Colorado, we’ve gotta get together and go on a hike!


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