“You should really try online dating” easy for everyone else to say.  Well thank goodness we did. We met August 24, 2015, after a 3+ hour first date and having our friends worried about our whereabouts. The rest is history.  Never did we ever think we’d find someone to enjoy life with as much as we do.

From fishing, golfing, hiking, camping, traveling, and making wine to just relaxing at home playing board games, there’s never a dull moment.

We found out that we both had always wanted to go to Alaska, so shortly after we started dating, we planned our trip and spent our first year anniversary (8/24/16) exploring Alaska.

By that point, we made it our mission to each get to the 50 states.

When we first met, Nick wasn’t sure about me having a dog and how that may play a role in our relationship… fast forward a couple years and sometimes I think he loves Ollie more than me.

Haha! One night, after a long day of work, he had Ollie out in the yard and there was something fastened to his back, come to find out it was a Go Pro (which I thought was weird).

It took some pleading but he convinced me to go for a walk with him and Ollie dog, little did I know what was about to happen. While we were on our walk, Nick started running ahead (as he usually does to exercise the pup).

Once I caught up, he was down on one knee and Ollie had a collar on that said “Will You Marry My Daddy”. Now the GoPro made sense, because we will always have that memory, thanks to our fur baby he wasn’t so sure about at first.


We got to celebrate our Engagement in Cancun then went on to travel to Washington to visit my sister.  As we were hiking Mt. Eleanor, Nick told me he originally planned on proposing at the summit- good thing he didn’t, Mt. Eleanor was covered in snow still in June and I definitely didn’t make it to the top.

Once we got back from Washington, we started looking for our forever home.

What a fun adventure that was! We finally found “The One” and put an offer in on our dream home. A couple weeks later we were at dinner for our 2nd year anniversary (8/24/17) at the restaurant where we had our first date..

Sure enough we got our acceptance call as we were having dinner.  It was the best anniversary gift ever! We may have even cried at the table.

 When deciding on our “wedding date” after looking back on our story, we decided that it had to be August 24th. The day we met and went on our first date, the day we checked Alaska off our list and the day our offer was accepted, only three years later.

Then we got to thinking how we still have a few more states to explore and neither of us have been to Colorado. After doing our research we made our plan reality and can’t wait to continue our adventure and story together! Here’s to the best August 24th yet!

After we decided on the when and where we started researching photographers to make sure we had amazing photos to always remind us of our big day.  After scrolling through a lot of websites we came across Justyna’s and instantly knew she was the one!

Nick had a vision and Justyna’s photos were it.

We were a little nervous at first because neither of us have been to Colorado but after talking with Justyna, she made us feel completely comfortable and reassured us that the location and day will be absolutely perfect.

She’s also been a huge help with recommendations for places to stay and things to do while were there.

She’s very lively and passionate about her work we can’t wait to share our day and memories with her for years to come!


Here’s our experience of our amazing day! Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much again!

The morning was off to a rough start. With two closed gas stations, a McDonald’s that wasn’t 24 hours and a Starbucks that looked closed, we went to meet Justyna without any coffee. I could feel Nick getting cranky without his morning Java.
Once we met Justyna at the rendezvous point Nick was already showing signs of lack of caffeine.
Luckily, Justyna mentioned that Starbucks was indeed open and that she had just left there. So within the first five minutes of meeting Justyna, she saved the day and set the tone for the rest of the morning.
With coffee in hand, we made our way up Trail Ridge Road. It was a quiet drive, both of us nervous and the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. Once we pulled in to our set location it was dark as can be.
We weren’t sure what we were getting into, but had full faith in Justyna.  All we knew was we kept watching the temps drop and drop and drop in the car on the way up Trail Ridge.
When the color was just right, Justyna waved us to her car where she made sure we had everything we needed she came prepared with Blankets and even had a pair of boots just incase!
With headlamps on we started or adventure, I was worried about my hair being messy but Justyna made me feel georgeous. For the next couple hours, we were in a zone. So much love.
At times we didn’t even know where Justyna was, we were so focused on each other.  She assured us she was getting those epic shots, at one point I think she was lying on the freezing ground to get the perfect angle.
She allotted us time for intimate moments and it didn’t feel plastic.  Did I mention it was freezing? Of course, as I’m writing this 7 hours later it’s 92 degrees.
We exchanged our own written vows, (which we highly recommend) and had all the feels!
After it was official, Justyna and I planned to surprise Nick with a lake shot, we even went to a beautiful spot but I was already too cold there was no way I was tip toeing into 35 degree water.
Our Rocky Mountain Adventure Elopement was nothing short of perfect. Justyna, our adventure wedding elopement photographer did an amazing job and capturing and making our visions a reality.
We will have memories of this day forever, it was worth every chilly heart felt beautiful moment.
-Jess + Nick



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