August 22, 2018



This Rocky Mountain Adventure Elopement is one of the most dreamiest of all I have ever had an opportunity to document.

How We Met

Dana: Actually, I believe we were destined to meet. We were following very similar and crossing paths. I was just a few years behind him.  The universe was pushing me toward my soul mate, and I didn’t even know it.

Jeff: Yes, it’s funny how close in proximity we were, repeatedly, yet, it took the internet to bring us together. I had done my residency in psychiatry at Washington University, and worked at Barnes Jewish Hospital for several years. She started working in the same department not long after I moved, and started my own practice.

Dana: Also, Jeff used to live in South City, and, as it turns out, a few years later, I moved into a house that was literally one block away from that one.

Jeff: And on top of that, as a nurse, she used to periodically work with some of the physicians in my building, but, we never met.

Dana: I saw him first on a dating website. When I saw his picture, I said to myself,” O.M.G. he is incredibly handsome, let me look at his profile.” After I found out he was in the mental health field and appreciated nature as much as I do, I broke my rule of never initiating contact, and sent him a wink!

Jeff: I was very surprised when I received her wink. I had been fine-tuning my on-line profile for probably a week, when, one night after work, I decided to finally pull the trigger, pay the website and make my profile public by entering my credit card number and hadn’t even put my card away yet, when this gorgeous woman winked at me. I still remember the rush of excitement when reading her profile and starting a conversation. I didn’t even take the time to put my card back into my wallet until we were done chatting. Within minutes, we realized we had an incredible amount in common and almost exactly the same interests.

Why we fell in love

During the first weeks and months of getting to know one another, we were even more surprised by how much we have in common and had a lot of fun getting to know each other. Since we know many of the same people and have similar professions, we spent hours sharing stories and laughing about life’s little nuances. We both love nature, so, every weekend, we started hiking in the parks and nature reserves.

On a stifling, hot, St. Louis summer day, we spotted a caterpillar crossing the blacktop path we were on. We both stopped to watch the little guy. We noticed that he was walking funny and kept falling over periodically. We both realized that the stone was hurting his feet. In one of our favorite romantic moments, we stood together, hand in hand, to shade the path until he was able to reach the cool grass on the other side. As we stood there, talking about the life cycle and anatomy of caterpillars.

We realized that we were uniquely suited for each other because not many people would have noticed the caterpillar, let alone, had the knowledge to know he was struggling, take the time to figure out why, the empathy to help him cross, and the interest & appreciation for life in general.

Why we have stayed in love

We have stayed in love for many reasons. We have similar morals and values guiding our decisions, we have both learned how to communicate effectively, and never miss a chance to say “I love you.” Over time, we found our lives being cratered with major adversities, such as deaths of close family members, among others. Yet, instead of fighting or pointing fingers when life became stressful, we made the choice to bind ourselves together and fight through the adversities as a team. Together, we found ourselves stronger individually, and more deeply in love as a couple.

Why choose Justyna, Rocky Mountain Adventure Elopement Photographer

Well, a picture is worth 1000 words. We knew that a large formal ceremony and a few lines of vows could never do justice to our love at at a traditional wedding ceremony. There simply isn’t enough time or words. We needed a way to capture our love. Seeing our emotion is the best option. Choosing Justynia was not a hard decision. I had spent two full days scouring the internet for the right person. There were many decent photographers out there, but, in my opinion, everyone was missing something. For example, some were good with lighting, but, the angles weren’t ideal, etc. Justyna, on the other hand, has an authentic, organic way of shooting that is special. It can only be cultivated through individual talent and hard work. I found myself continuously returning to her website’s journal. After comparing her work to countless others, Justyna was, hands down, my first choice as our Colorado Elopement photographer.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Wedding EXPERIENCE

After months of anticipation the Alpine Tundra adventure elopement experience actually surpassed our expectations! The mountain adventure was exciting, thrilling, and a true adventure. The hours slipped away so quickly. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Justyna was enthusiastic, professional, and really worked hard to get the perfect shots. She was emotionally engaged in her work and vested in ensuring our memories were the best they could be. Her adventurous personality and can-do attitude are particularly suited for the occasion. Overall, we were thrilled with our RMNP Elopement experience. Working with Justyna was a delight! We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a similar experience.







About Justyna


Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer Justyna Butler is truly an adventurous soul, specializing in elopements and intimate weddings both locally and around the world. Inspired by the beauty surrounding her in nature, she loves mountains, light, and intimate connections — all of which she combines flawlessly in her images. She not only captures the biggest moments on your wedding day, but also the in-between moments that make your story unique, the ones you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. Hire Justyna E Butler Photography wherever your adventure takes you.


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You are so amazing Justyna! This adventure elopement at RMNP is freakin’ stunning. I love how you got wide shots and super close up ones, too. You rock!

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What a beautiful love story you had. Love really moves in mysterious ways. You never will know that your soul mate might be just one block away from you. Or maybe your fellow school mate whom you didn’t know was your admirer back then.

If the pictures of the Rocky Mountains you posted are any indication of how majestic this place is– I’m all ready to take the trip and go!

Oh mygoodness! Your pictures are so awesome! It’s unbelievable, the scenary is totally impressive and you achieved to captured the deep tenderness this people have for each other!

This love story is so beautiful so This is the perfect place to show the love. The pictures capture everything that is described in the post. ?

This is a beautiful love story and I absolutely adore your photographs and the scenery.

I guess it’s hard to run out of inspiration in CO. I used to live out there really pretty area

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My favourite image from this Rocky Mountain adventure elopement is the one where they are snuggled in close and she is smiling on his chest. so sweet!

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Always love seeing your photos pop up in my feed. It reminds me of what a beautiful state we live in.

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Wow, this is such a beautiful Rocky Mountain Adventure Elopement!


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