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Who here loves creating dreamy? It has become a quest to hunt all the rainbows, flares, and rich bokeh when chasing the light for all my hiking adventures and OMNI CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM BY LENSBABY is the dream. I am SO excited to share Lensbaby Magic with you! I want to warmly invite you to be one of a handful of people who share the creative need to create from a heart the most dreamiest frames and grow your creative soul with us!


OMNI is a treat for the curious photographer, for those of you yearning to immerse your hearts and souls in seeing in a different way and feeling more with every click of your shutter. Each crystal creates unusual, dreamy effects. individual ways of seeing the world and not to miss any in between moments you desire to capture. If you are a light chaser, love creative spin on your images as you stack them to create another level of dreamy.

OMNI is the ultimate tool for adding touch of soul to your creative heart and add artistic flare to your adventure stories.  The dreamy effects will push your creatively and add unique spin to your imagery. It is truly a dream tool for all light chasers who are not afraid to shoot in a harsh light. And the icing on the cake, this creative filter system can be attached to any lens you already own.


So don’t delay, preorder yours today.

If you are curious how I use it, join me Spring 2020 for a unique online experience all about adventure elopements photography though GATHER ACADEMY. Let’s create magic together!

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DISCOVER THE MAGIC WITH OMNI EFFECTS WANDS and view the entire gallery here! 



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  1. Great pictures, I love how the poses are done, it looks so natural. You always make a very great job.. ?

  2. These photos are stunning! I love how you edited them – they are really beautiful and definitely inspiring me!

  3. I absolutely loved all the effect in the pictures. I would definitely like to try this to bring my pictures to a whole other level. Thanks for sharing!


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