Our Love Story

Most of the time the cheesy pick up lines or jokes don’t normally work; especially the one asking “how much does a polar bear weigh” – “enough to break the ice.” This was how Sam began our story.

Of course I had two options here: laugh it off and give him a chance or completely ignore him and make him feel like an idiot. I’m a pretty nice person, so I gave him a chance. However, you could say I “friend-zoned” him for almost a year. I decided to leave my home state of Missouri and move onto bigger and better things in Colorado.

At the time, Sam thought he would never see me again.


A year passes by and I learn that he decides to move to Colorado as well.  He tells everyone he chased me out here! He took me to get ice cream with a secret speakeasy bar hidden behind a freezer door and from there on out his old fashioned charm swooned me right into his arms. I can remember the exact look in his soft, gentle eyes from the moment I fell in love with him. Our first Valentine’s day he surprised me with roses and a song he wrote on my ukulele. Whether he’s playing guitar or mandolin or ukulele, I always feel at home.

How We found our Adventure Engagement Colorado Mountain Photographer

I found Justyna through an online women’s hiking group. I immediately fell in love with her style and the adventures she took her couples on which matched our love for the outdoors. She had the warmest energy when we met her to do our pictures and was completely accommodating. We had a blast playing in the water, running through meadows, and dancing while Sam played guitar in the golden light through the trees.
We loved how Justyna encouraged us to be ourselves and captured our love in the moment. She made us feel so comfortable and captured the purest smiles and moments. I am forever grateful for the moments that we will have for many years to come documenting our love story.
As seen on Justyna E Butler Photography Daily Project as well.

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  1. Your story is so romantic..! When he told everyone that he is chasing you to Colorado, that is just so sweet..!

  2. Wow these two are boho magic. I love their love stories and that they included their dog in this stunning adventure engagement session!

  3. This is so beautiful! Their engagement looks so magical…oh my! You’re making me want to consider a wild engagement when my time comes. If adventure looks this good, then I’m in. The photos are just amazing!

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  5. Awww, I love that you included their love story! I’m also glad you included all those photos of their pup- so cute! I can’t handle the bandana; adorable!!!!

  6. The view of the place looks amazing and you guys totally picked the right location. Photos all came out beautiful too. For a second I though the couple were petting a wolf but then realized it was an adorable dog.

  7. What a wonderful story, i am stunned just by look at the photos,it screams happiness

  8. Wow your story is so fun, cheesy and at the same time very relatable. I love the photos and the places you two have been. Hope you have a happy marriage.

  9. These photos are so great, especially the dog pics. The place looks so nice. Such a romantic set up.

  10. These photos are fantastic. I love the mountain backdrop and your techniques bring out the feelings.

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