The bride is in a flow dress is dancing by The Seattle Great Wheel as the groom is admiring his bride captured by destination adventure elopement photographer, Justyna E Butler Photography


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Owning Your Painterly Vision 
 Inspiration – Cinematography
What Speaks to My Heart 
Why Freelensing,
Why Lensbaby
 Discover The Lensbender 
Lensbaby Feels Like Home
 Capturing the Painterly, Light Driven Frames
 Noticing The Untold and Discovering a Dreamy Within The Details
 Recognizing The Dreamy Opportunities Every Where Around You 
The Painterly Vision Ingredients
 Living Color Movement & Blur
Love Affair Color & Contrast Painterly

Post Processing Lightroom 
The Painterly Vision Equipment for Painterly Frames
 What’s in My Bag
Tips and Tricks for Adventures
 The Guide for a successful Adventure Elopement,
Gear list Lensbaby Sweet 35 Tips and Tricks From: Ana Rosenberg and Pauline Putt

Capturing real moments, connection and love is everything to me. I love how light, blur, movement can create incredible depth in my frames that you cannot simply recreate in post processing. My heart skips a beat when the light dances off my subjects…

I am an open book to share whatever you have dreamed up... I would love to help you paint alongside you on your artistic journey.
Who is your perfect client?
How to create an UNFORGETABLE EMOTIVE HIKING EXPERIENCE, a strong, unique brand that draws your ideal client to paint their unique love story and the power of "specializing"

Social Media Dance
What gear I use to create the dreamiest frames for years to be cherished and why? Pros and Cons of using manual focusing to tell the selective, detailed stories.
How to use all types of light: etc. harsh, backlit, to create emotive images etc. Why sunset or sunrise are best times for me to shoot?
What lenses to use to tell your couples unique story and capture the feeling...because it is all about the details...and tell raw, authentic story.
Strategies How to: tilt-shift, lensbaby magic for selective storytelling, manual focus lenses and why I love them to capture a "seed story"
How to guide for love and connection, "show me your LOVE STORY " method
How I edit—and how to create your own presets to fit my vision

Let's adventure!

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