If the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement Adventure surrounded by reflective lake and two giant snow-striped mountaintops, named Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak during Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement Adventure anchor didn’t give it away, I’m telling you now.

It is a paradise for outdoor lovers and fresh-air adventurous souls. Located at the gateway of hiking trails, rivers, canyons and farmland.

Colorado iconic place has become a ritual for me. There is a respite that comes from being up at 12,000 feet and then hiking around on sore legs this high alpine tundra, always in awe among, green still Aspen trees that are stunning as mountains themselves!

Maroon Bells are located just 10 miles west of Aspen or 16 from Snowmass up Maroon Creek Road off Hwy. 82 in a glacial valley, the 14,000-foot peaks truly jaw dropping  beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

The White River National Forest, is a home to wildflower fields, wild animals , tranquil Maroon Lake and brilliant aspen trees.

These two adventurers chose this place for obvious reasons…and I could not be happier to capture their timeless Colorado memories!

“Ian and I met six years ago at our work, which at the time, was Home Depot. It’s always been perfect timing with the two of us, and we liked each other right away. We use the word “perfect” a lot when talking of the other, but there truly is no other word that captivates how we feel.

Ian moved to the Tahoe area to leave his small town in Southern California and I came to the Tahoe area from a small town in Oklahoma.

Two far away places both brought us to the one place we met and began our lives together. It took a while for us to actually talk to each other, however, we finally went on our first date, April 16, 2012, after about two to three months of working together and started dating that night.

We fell in love FAST and two months later, we decided to move in together. Our own

little apartment that has since grown soooo much into our little home. Over the first few years we slowly accrued furniture and wall decor, and now we can’t find a place to put anything!

Though the beginning of our relationship went by quickly, we’ve never left the honeymoon phase and it’s been six amazing years. We love to go on road trips, especially to see family and go to Disneyland to celebrate anniversaries. We’re each other’s best friends and pure allies in this crazy world.

We have two awesome pets and they definitely help to complete our little family: Benjamin, who is our 9 year old Brussels Griffon and Floyd, who is our crazy 2 year old Sun Conure.

We are both very big home bodies, love to go outside and hike and bike in this beautiful area and we love spending time with our families. Therefore, Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement Adventure seemed the way unique way to get married.

Ian proposed to me a little after 5 years of dating, on April 30, 2017, at Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe, California. Fallen Leaf Lake was where we went on a date the same week as our first date in 2012. I, of course, said “yes!” and we’ve been planning the perfect way to get married.

Back and forth we went with what to do and if we wanted a big wedding with everyone there…. when we finally decided we were much too private for that sort of thing. T

herefore, we are running off to Aspen, Colorado to get married in a small courthouse one day and celebrate with an adventure in Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement Adventure the next!

We are making it our “Merrymoon”, as Ian regretfully coined because now I can’t stop calling it that! Our wedding and honeymoon is being combined into 2 wonderful weeks together, adventuring in amazing locations!

We chose Justyna to photograph our new chapter because of her humble and grounded approach to photograph couples. I’ve read nothing but amazing comments in regard to how comfortable couples were and we just cannot wait to share this moment with someone like Justyna!

Her eye in how to capture the angles and the backdrops are just stunning and exactly what we had imagined. It’s a true getaway from it all, and for it to be private is very important to us.”

Thank you!
-Amy & Ian

EXPERIENCE of Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement Adventure

“From the beginning, with a simple phone call talking about how we pictured our adventure session, Justyna was very energetic and on the same page with our vision.

In viewing her other sessions and reading her blogs and Instagram posts, we fell in love with her eye and her perspective on how love looks.

In the weeks following up to our session, we had many back and forth conversations with questions, ideas and excitement about the session.

We had no idea just how in tune and comfortable we’d be in person, and she hands down exceeded our expectations! Ian and I are super private as a couple and our relationship is very important to us to keep it that way. Justyna understood every bit of our needs and delivered 100%!

The session itself is something we will never forget, with the locations we were able to visit and the company we were surrounded by, it was a very amazing encounter.

Greeted by warm hugs and optimism, we felt very received and welcome into a sometimes uncomfortable situation with new people and a camera. Justyna made us feel very comfortable, especially for Ian who has never been comfortable in front of a camera.

Prior to the session I told him to follow my lead and to try and stay optimistic, however, Justyna’s approach and energy made him feel like he could be himself in front of the camera. We were very much at ease and very much ourselves during the session, all thanks to Justyna!

We cannot wait to view our intimate moments from another perspective, for our relationship and our devotion to one another is very deep, and we’re very excited it was captured by Justyna.”


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