About 3 years ago, Mark and Soleil met on a blind double date that was set up by mutual friends. Neither of them was looking for anything serious at the time and they had nothing to lose. So they went for it. Before the date all he knew about her was that she was a runner and worked with his co-workers wife.

Soleil was told he liked to travel and was outdoorsy. The moment Soleil saw Mark she immediately noticed how charming and attractive he was! She found herself getting lost in his blue-grey eyes.

As their relationship started to progress both realized how easy and effortless things were with each other. Mark wasted no time in inviting Soleil to go rock climbing with him at the local climbing gym. She didn’t realize at the time that it was a test for her. She passed beautifully.

Soleil graciously returned said ‘test’ by inviting Mark on a trip to Disney World.

It wasn’t long before they took a trip to Paris for a half marathon which they both ran together. Traveling, cooking, new adventures, a love for the outdoors and the promise that they will never stop dating each other are the foundation of their relationship.

As the relationship evolved a love and appreciation for the everyday tasks of life grew, like cooking dinner together or taking their dog out on walks.

It’s not just the big moments that make their love and life special, it’s the small nameless moments of our Colorado mountain snowy Loveland Pass engagement moments that they each create and share to show their love for one another.~ Soleil


Ready to adventure around Colorado during snowy months? Let’s party it up!

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  1. Such a lovely story, they really are meant for each other. Things really have it’s own time of fulfillment, you’ll never know when love strikes, thanks to their friends.

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