Getting married in the beautiful, majestic Colorado mountains was more of a dream than a reality for Brinnan and I. It was actually a joke we made in passing as we visited a few wedding venues in our hometown. We researched countless places to get married but nothing seemed to win us over – nothing fit “us” or what we wanted. “We might as well just go somewhere to get married. Can you imagine getting married in Colorado?” And that’s just what it was to me – something to imagine…until I stumbled across Justyna’s adventure elopements photography.

I remember seeing her pictures and immediately calling Brinnan. “You HAVE to see these pictures! You will NOT believe how amazing this photographer is!” The way Justyna can capture not only two people in love but also the beauty of the outdoors is insane. Justyna’s photography is what finally won us over – she is why we chose Colorado.

From the first phone call Justyna had me. Here she was, a stranger 10+ hours away, that was so invested in my love story and how she could capture it. She truly cares so much about her couples and what she can do to make everything easy and comfortable. She was so helpful with finding a location for our ceremony – she even became my cheerleader when I realized I would need to wake up at 4am to get ready! She ensured me that this experience would be out of this world and the lighting (she loves the lighting) would be epic. I cannot wait for adventures and to see the magic she can create.


Brinnan and I went to the same high school but I don’t remember meeting him until the summer going into my junior year. However, we did have a few mutual friends so I knew a little bit about him. I knew that Brinnan was smart (he knows an insane amount of trivia), he was funny (he cracks dad jokes a lot), and he was what high schoolers considered a “nerd” because of the videogame/superhero shirts he ALWAYS wore (and still wears).

The summer going into my junior year of high school I applied to become a lifeguard at the aquatic center in our hometown. I remember walking into the first day of guard training and meeting Brinnan. I never would’ve guessed I was meeting the guy who would later become my husband.

That summer Brinnan became one of my closest friends at the pool. We would constantly joke back and forth together and tease one another. Our friendship carried on summer after summer at the Aquatic Center until the year it all changed: Brinnan developed a crush and I did not.

We were both in college and single at this point. I had just gotten out of a relationship and was not looking to date anyone for a long time. Brinnan, on the other hand, was trying to prove me wrong. After multiple attempts of convincing me to go on a date with him, I gave in.

I remember pacing around my house getting ready thinking, “What have I done?” My mom even had to talk me out of cancelling the date at the last minute. Brinnan picked me up and took me to dinner and a movie. It was a nice date but I just wasn’t ready. So, what did I do? I blew Brinnan off….for an entire year.

We remained friends but Brinnan never stopped pursuing me. He would drive home from college (which was two and a half hours away) to try to see me. He would text or call me to see what I was up to. Brinnan was a constant in my life but I knew there was no way I would go on another date with him – or so I thought.

Fast forward to a year later, back at the place where it all started – the aquatic center. I don’t know what hit me but I was finally ready. I remember seeing Brinnan that summer and getting those butterflies everyone talks about. Ever since that summer six years ago, I’ve never looked back. The silly guy won me over and I have never been happier.

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