September 12, 2019

LGBTQ Same-Sex Couple Colorado Adventure Engagement



LGBTQ Same-Sex Couple Colorado Adventure Engagement Love Story | AS PUBLISHED ON DAILY PROJECT

Looking Into the Future

Spending the rest of my life with Kaylea is hands down the most effortless and best decision I could ever make. Also, She was the most unexpected curveball in my life that I never knew I wanted.

With incredible patience, she earned my trust as a friend and we became annoyingly inseparable in my second year of college.

Friendship Adventure

During this year of friendship, my mind and heart were thriving on how respected, appreciated, and simply so damn happy she made me feel.

I’ve always wanted to share my life with someone who made me feel that way and I finally realized this “friend” of mine could.

Shelby showed up on campus during my junior year while our softball coach was giving her a tour. She was casually dressed with a beautiful smile. A young girl from Iowa looking at the sights around her and all I could do was gaze at her.

It wouldn’t be until a year later when I encountered some liquid encouragement to finally invite her to hang out. Shelby was oblivious but I was absolutely hooked and couldn’t get her out of my head.

The next evening we talked and we walked and we talked seamlessly all night into the sunrise of the next morning. Even though we were leaving college to go back to separate cities for the summer, our story was just beginning. 

Last Six Years

Over the next six years, we concluded our softball careers, graduated with engineering degrees survived a year of long distance. We even bought a house in Kansas City, got two dogs, and Kaylea popped the question last October.

We have been surrounded by so much love from our families and really want to have COLORADO SAME SEX FRIENDLY MOUNTAIN ENGAGEMENT  and a  wedding/experience to express our gratitude while showing everyone how strong our future is going to be.

The search began with a Colorado destination wedding photographer. 

When we realized a Colorado destination wedding exceeded the ideal budget, I knew I had to get my bride out to this beautiful place. Just because since she had never been.

We had been engaged for 7 months and hadn’t taken engagement photos so I thought what a great idea to not just visit Colorado but capture an LGBTQ SAME-SEX COUPLE COLORADO ADVENTURE ENGAGEMENT as well.

It didn’t take long to find Justyna’s site. She always captures the essence of the mountains with the beauty of the couples love. When I called her I knew she was going to be our Colorado engagement photographer. 

Her work was unlike any of her competitors. There was so much more authenticity, passion, romance, warmth, and all around beauty in her photos. Everything about Justyna felt warm and comforting, and she is full of patience.

Kaylea even loves to see sunrises and drags me to one just about any place we go so a sunrise adventure felt perfect.

The Morning of Colorado Alpine Adventure

We met up to follow Justyna to the trailhead. With fresh coffee in our hands still a bit groggy, we walked to Justyna’s car.  She jumped out with the warmest smile just to embrace us in huge hugs. It felt instantly comfortable in her presence. 

Before we knew it, we were hiking up the glacier before the sun rose with the brisk Colorado air on our faces. It was chilly and we were nervous but it had seemed as though Justyna was not a stranger. With rocks beneath our feet and poles in hand, we started climbing.

Adventure Experience Memories

As the dark became light, the air began to warm and our nerves settled. Justyna captured our adventure every step of the way helping us embrace each other, the moment, and the glacier. She was very helpful getting us to relax, reminding us to take deep breaths. We forgot the world around us.

For us, the isolation was very comforting and Justyna was constantly encourage us to move closer to one another.

Furthermore, She’s not only passionate about her work, but about the love her clients have for one another.  This is so clearly portrayed in her photos. She is so raw, genuine, and fearless. She made us feel like we were exactly where we were supposed to be.   

It was truly an adventure that we will never forget. From the unreal forest, waterfalls, lake, and snow capped mountains to the embrace we felt between each other. The Colorado adventure engagement was one of the most intense and fulfilling moments of my life.

I never thought I would cry when I saw these photos, but the three sneak peeks did me in. Thank you. 



I hope you will stay and look around. If you are ready for sun soaked, emotive, souls stirring moments, that speak to your unique love tale, I am the adventure wedding photographer for you!

Are you ready to spend time hiking the Colorado alpine trails, playing, laughing, and cuddling, embracing your love story all while I paint your memories.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

If you would like to book an adventure session please email Justyna at [email protected] or fill out the contact form.


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What a gorgeous couple and stunning photos of their adventure.

YoU clealy make yoir clients fee COMFORTABLE and PROVIDE them with a wonderful experience. Wel done!


This is a wonderful story of their day. The photos are amazing and showcase this intimate celebration really well, thanks for sharing!

The way you captured their moments were so beautiful. It felt like seeing snapshots of a film! amazing job!

I love that they did exactly what felt right for them! Getting ready together, wearing non white dresses and just enjoying the day!!!

Really pretty images of genuine love. My favorite is her swinging her around!

Stunning as always, love the interview questions in the bEgInning that set the tone for the photos!

Amazing relationship and a wedding to express the gratitude is really nice idea. I wish you guys a happy future.

You are SO talented. These are such beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

I’m still so obsessed and in awe of this shoot!

I love how intimate and romantic they are together!! You took them to a GORGEOUS location!!

So romantic and such a scenic places. Lovely photos also. Am so glad that family and friends have been so supportive.

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Your editing style is so unique. I love it!

Justynae, these images are so beautiful! You captured their love for each other beautifully!

These are SO intimate and beautiful! You captured them amazingly and I’m in love with the nature vibes!

These are just STUNNING. You captured their love for each other & their connection with nature so beautifully.

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I’ve never heard of an adventure engagement photo shoot before. I think that sounds great, fun and real unlike the staged photos you see so often nowadays.

Nobody needs a wedding after such a stupendous experience. Together. In astounding place like Colorado. Wow!

Such an interesting photoshoot concept. 🙂 Congrats to the lovely couple!

There love story is endearing and the pictures portray their love so well. I love your pictures and the stories you help to tell.

These photos are absolutely STUNNING and really capture the love for one another perfectly!

They are not lying when they say a picture speaks volumes. WOW! These photos are incredible.


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