October 14, 2019

Kenosha Pass in the Fall Adventure | Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer


Another day of Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer

Love Story


After just moving to Colorado, Myles had decided to attend Denver’s Beachbodys Super Saturday. It just happened to be the best decision of his life. When we spotted each other from across the room, the sense of curiosity about each other because he made his way over and sat next to me.

With the small talk out of the way, Myles explained he was new to Denver and starting a job in a few weeks. He hadn’t known anyone so he stated he was looking for a friend. What my luck!

After seeing each other several more times and getting to know each other, we decided to take the next step and call ourselves exclusive.

Dating one another felt different for the both of us. I was from the city, and Myles from a Kansas farm. We were two opposites made to be mixed together. I had never pictured myself with a country boy. Regardless after visiting his home for the first time, it was something I never knew I so badly needed.

Myles, being the sweetheart that he is, took note of our conversation about the style of ring I wanted before we were even together.

He knew from the start, as well as I did, that what we would have would be permanent.

Both finding enjoyment in traveling, we bought a camper to travel around the mountains in whenever we could. We’ve both enjoyed the simplicity, quietness of the mountains, the calming feeling of being around mountain lakes, and the challenge of a good hike.

Early in our dating, we had traveled to Maroon Bells for a day trip and we both fell in love with that area. Ever since we have made an annual trip there towards the end of fall to see all the fall colors in their peak, and to see our favorite mountains.

After our we had gotten engaged, we both knew exactly where we wanted to tie the knot. We had to wait several months in order to book it, but Maroon Bells officially became our dream wedding location set for September 24th, 2020. We could not be more excited!

Working with Justyna

Searching for a photographer, we knew we wanted someone as passionate about the mountains as we are. Justyna was introduced to us through a family member. After researching Justyna’s photo style and raving reviews, we knew we had found our photographer.

Working with Justyna was like hanging out with one of our best friends. We laughed, joked, and had so much fun in the mountains and we felt fortunate enough to have our photos taken during peak fall season. Kenosha Pass filled our hearts.

Everyone being early, we started the shoot early. Breathtaking photos of the sun beaming through the Aspen trees, and intimate moments in the fall foliage filled our experience. Justyna knew exactly how to direct us, the best methods for getting natural looking photos, and had fun with it.

Her passion for mountain photo shoots more than shines through while she’s working, and this passion made our photoshoot so comfortable. We’ve gotten a few sneak peeks of our photos from Justyna and we are already in love with them!

Waiting will be the hardest part but we both know it’ll be worth it while Justyna works her magic.






This Colorado engagement is so DREAMY!!! Love your warm edits so much!

This session has all the feelings of fall!! I absolutely love her hat! Beautiful.

This is such a beautiful session!! Cute couple!!

oh my gosh!! These fall colors are unreal! I need to get to Kenosha Pass!

Wooowww! These photos are so romantic. Fall vibes to the MAX.

Ahhh those aspens are giving me life and love her hat~

OMG I need to visit Colorado ASAP! It’s been on my list for so long…. the fall foliage is absolutely stunning, amazing work!

That is such a beautiful love story, thanks so much for sharing. The photos are stunning too.

Such a beautiful love story they’d have, thanks for sharing such a romantic blog post. It brings such joy to anyone.

Such a beautiful story and gorgeous photos! Hope to have this kind of photoshoot someday. Thanks for sharing!

What a beautiful love story. And these pictures are simply gorgeous.

The photos are absolutely stunning.
Thanks for sharing the wonderful post.

Your photography is on point!! Lovely photos and I really enjoyed the message that was included too.

Very beautiful, the Kenosha pass, open wide seems to say how free you are in reaching your goals as a couple.

These photos looks absolutely gorgeous. I really like the autumn nature x


I love your love story, it’s so romantic..! Thanks for sharing..! And the pictures are so great, so much sweetness on this blog. 😘

Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! And the area they were taken in… <3 I'm in love.

You two are really a perfect couple! The photograph is so lovely and really suit in your beautiful soul! It’s so stunning shots right there! Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Family!

I love these pictures! And such a beautiful love story!

What a lovely couple. Colorado looks excellent and perfect for a beautiful couple. Photos are superb. Both of them look superb.

You have captured your love in photographs. Simply beautiful and I’m wishing you nothing but blessings and happiness!

Colorado is such a beautiful place to visit, and most certainly one of the best backdrops for an engagement shoot.

I’m inspired by the photos! Match made in heaven!

Beautiful photos. Sounds like these two were just meant to be.

Love these photos! And what an amazing love story. You are a gifted photographer.


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