February 16, 2020




I’m in love with raw, natural, organic, and real human state.


The sunrise yawns, the stretches that pull up your dress, the hiking boots on your wedding day, the way the alpine wind blows your hair, the eyes, the butterflies in your stomach moments when you embrace each other at the top of the world at the blue hour, a smile that turns into a laugh…The way you blush when I ask you to do something totally crazy just to capture that in between moment, the true moments that hold no mask over you two, that purely YOU-no embarrassment, no shyness. Only pure and raw and those quiet moments during your alpine adventures….

If your dream vision fits my approach do not hesitate to connect so we can plan your dream adventure wedding!


2019 was a filled with magical adventure weddings and elopement moments captured with my heart.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a wonderful year, dear friends. Here’s a little look back at a few of the special moments I captured last year…


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It looks like you had an incredible year!! Wonderful photos!

Wow!! So many great moments and gorgeous locations!

WOW! These images are all STUNNING and raw. I enjoyed looking at all of the images. Their love and chemestry really came through these images. It looks like you had an amazing 2019. Cheers to 2020!

I think that wedding with the little dog wearing the I do too bandana is adorable! I love the dog and I adore her bouquet! Amazing images!

Wow. All of these images are absolutely stunning and truly capture moments these people will treasure for years to come.

Speechless. Your ability to capture raw emotion is unmatched. Your are the definition of a true storyteller. What an amazing year. Stunning images!

Holy wow! Your 2019 year in review is beyond amazing. So many beautiful moments. I can’t get over how moody and emotional your work is. Wonderfully shot as always!

So many great images! It’s difficult for me to even pick a few of my favorites! Love…

These are stunning and the bouquet in the first image is absolutely magical!

I LOVE your clean crisp colors and all the emotion you captured.

Wow these are so pretty!! All of your elopements are incredible

Looks like you had an amazing year!

Wow! What an incredible and eventful 2019! I’m in love with all the wild adventurous elopements. So dang awesome! Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings you!

Looks like you had an amazing 2019!

What a friggen’ stellar season of elopements you had Justyna! Your work is absolutely amazing, definitely channeling those adventure wedding photog vibes.

Love the color palette and editing! Looks really lovely!

these are amazing, as always. I’m obsessed with these colors

I LOVE all of those gorgeous fall colors! So beautiful!

I’m obsessed with that orange dress and direct light. So beautiful!!

These are so lovely. What an incredible year for you and your couples!

Wow! You have been on so many different adventures with your couples! You have captured so many incredible moments. I really love how your colors are consistent throughout all of the photos and seasons! Beautiful work!

AH such a fun blog post! I love it!

So many stunning images in this post! Looks like it was a really incredible year.

Wow – totally blown-away by these! Love the beauty and the timeless elegance that you capture!

What an amazing year in review! Every single picture is breathtaking. Love the set in the snow

Every single one of these is absolutely stunning! 2019 looks like it was an amazing year!!

Beautiful! I absolutely love that first bouquet – so stunning.

Okay, but that pup with the cufflinks though-that is GOLDEN! Your imagery is so raw, real, and FUN. I adore looking through your work!

I love how personal your work feels!

Your images are so beautiful!!! What amazing couples and adventures!!!

your photos are freaking stunning! LOVE!

So jealous of all your adventures! These are all so beautiful and dreamy!

What beautiful images! Can definitely see the love, connection, and memories to be treasured. Stunning work and amazing talent. Looking forward to seeing more.

Such a stunning collection of photos that truly bear witness to your incredible talent and art. Breathtaking as always!

Your words and photographs ALWAYS show the depth and richness of your artistry. You are truly an original talent. I love how your photographs are always so fun of connection, richness, boldness and beauty. Beautiful work!

These are some beautiful images! I think the snowy portraits of the dark haired couple are my favorite!! I’m also a sucker for Shepherds so their dog is totally adorable too! Those cuffs (insert heart eyes)! Lovely photos! Can’t wait to see more!

Blown away, as always! My favorite was the aisle of fishing poles!

Such beautiful images always!!!

So much good and very rich year! You have great couples and I am so delighted of how they spend their day. Also loved to see how you captured my beloved Cracow.

What a great year! Love all the moments you shared and can’t wait to see what 2020 holds! xo

Looks like so many fun adventures! Can’t wait to see where 2020 takes you!

You have come so far as an artist and storyteller! One of the best out there doing adventure weddings and elopements for sure!

Looks like 2019 was an excellent year! I’m definitely loving those skiing and hiking adventures you captured. Your 2020 is going to ROCK!

What an amazing year, so inspirational. Awesome adventure wedding captures !!!

Wow I love your style! It looks like you had an incredible year…. thanks for all the inspiration! <3

Years in review are so much fun to look through!! I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings your way! Beautiful work, as always.

You’ve had so many adventures this past year, can’t wait to see where 2020 takes you! Forever a fan of your work; and love the magic you put into your photos!

You’ve had so many adventures this past year. Super excited to see where 2020 takes you! I’m such a fan of your work, and forever loving your tones and the magic you put into your photos!

OMG … Looks like you had a fantastic 2019. So much different couples in style, but love and happines everywhere. 🙂

You continue to completely blow me away with your absolutely incredible work & talent!! It looks like you had an absolutely epic year of adventure weddings & elopements! I look forward to seeing what 2020 brings!

Your images always inspire me! Such wonderful captures and locations for your amazing couples. What a great year for you!!


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