Casey + Larry celebrated an intimate Mountain Wedding with 6 of their favorite people. They picked a jaw dropping spot in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. A historic Sapphire Point Outlook, Breckenridge, Colorado with stunning all inclusive view over mountain tops and Lake Dillon covered with sheet of ice and snow.

“What was supposed to be a birthday trip to a state I had never been before [to see REAL snow] turned into a “let’s take engagement pictures.” Then to a… “why don’t we just get married in this magical place?” ❄??? So, on February 18th, surrounded by our parents and two of our best friends (who said there was absolutely NO way they were missing our wedding) Larry and I got married in Breckenridge, Colorado. We are so blessed and happy to start our lives together!

Our story began over three years ago when Larry made the move from Oklahoma to San Antonio, where he began his first “real job” at EOG Resources. I had grown up in the outskirts of San Antonio before attending college at Texas A&M three hours away, but made my way back to the San Antonio area after graduating in 2012. I had been working at EOG for almost a year before he started, and never did I think my job would introduce me to my husband.

Our love story wasn’t like any normal love story. It wasn’t a love at first sight kind of thing, although Larry has told me several times that he knew he was going to marry me the moment he saw me. I had several reservations due to the fact that we worked together, and I didn’t want to mess up the “work vibes.” We spent time together with mutual friends, us being friends for almost a year and a half before we actually took the plunge and started dating. I had met his family a few times before we decided to actually try this out, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Once we started dating, we didn’t waste any time. We spent holidays together with family and friends, traveling many places with each other, including New York, Oklahoma, and Cancun  right before the New Year.

Larry proposed to me on January 30, 2018. We had been talking about it a few months before, so I had no idea if he would be able to surprise me. THAT HE DID. On a random Tuesday during the work week, I walked into a flower filled apartment and saw him on one knee ready to propose. I was in shock. I had to sit down before I fainted, as I saw the amazing ring he picked out for me and how happy he was to put it on my finger.


My obvious answer was YES! Larry then asked me to get dressed, so we could go have dinner to celebrate. When we arrived at the restaurant, I heard the laughter and chatter of my best friends. I was in shock – he had invited our very best friends to help us celebrate this amazing moment in our lives.

It was an impulse decision to get married in Breckenridge (a decision that I am so happy we made.) Larry had planned a trip to Colorado to see REAL snow for my 28th birthday. Without me knowing, he also contacted Justyna to schedule engagement photos while we were there. A few days after getting engaged, the thought of getting married in Colorado dawned on us. I was able to look at Justyna’s instagram account and website, and I was sold – never would I get the snowy mountain top views in San Antonio, Texas. So, we made it happen! With our parents and two of our friends, we got married on February 18th at Sapphire Point near Dillon, Colorado.

Justyna not only captured the most breathtaking photos, she helped me line up hair, makeup artist, and a wonderful florist. She was truly a breath of fresh air, and we had the most amazing experience.

We plan to have a reception in Texas in March to celebrate with our family and friends.”-Casey, the bride



What would your INTIMATE WINTER MOUNTAIN ELOPEMENT IN THE ROCKIES  DREAM COLORADO ELOPEMENT look like? Winter wonderland mountains capped with snowy magic like Casey’s and Larry’s yesterday’s Rocky Mountain elopement or Ashley’s + Colton’s? Rocky Monhegan Island shores….filled with dancing waters of Atlantic waters? Or rolling Irish hills, filled with greenery and barefoot dancing adventures like Mattie’s + Austin’s… JUST YOU TWO…your LOVE + Connection and jaw dropping nature…whatever your DREAM might be.

An adventure elopement is when you and your partner decides to choose an experience. The memories that will last a lifetime to tell your only unique love story.

I am here to help your dream to come true! Congratulations Larry+ Casey!!!! What an epic INTIMATE WINTER MOUNTAIN ELOPEMENT IN THE ROCKIES ! Colorado Rockies never disappoint.


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  1. I have an elopement at Sapphire Point in July! These are so beautiful.This is such a sweet winter elopement. I’m sure everyone in Colorado wants to have an adventure wedding with you now!

  2. I have never been to Sapphire Point, but I definitely want to go now! These are incredible. Winter is so underrated.

  3. I love the crisp feel of these photos! A winter elopement/intimate wedding in the Rockies – it’s absolutely perfect!

  4. What an incredible intimate wedding, surrounded by their parents and couple of close friends! These are stunning, the light is absolutely perfect!

  5. Colorado is already so gorgeous, but you made it look even more stunning!! I love how intimate you made this elopement feel with how close your photos felt. Absolutely gorgeous, Justyna!!

  6. Justyna as always, holy COW! These are out of this world! I LOOOOOOOVE the photos with the black dress. Every single image is stunning. Congratulations Larry and Casie on your marriage <3

  7. I love how Loveland Pass is open year round, it’s such a beautiful spot for an intimate elopement. Winter can prove hard to find mountain views, but these came out lovely. <3

  8. I absolutely love the photos of her wearing those boots. What a beautiful winter wonderland elopement you’ve captured here, Justyna!!! Completely in love with these two. Please keep those wild winter Colorado mountain elopements coming. xx Tina