How to Elope The Adventurous Way | Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer

How to Elope The Adventurous Way | Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer

Where do I start? How do I help you plan Colorado  adventure elopement?

The most common question I get as an adventure Colorado Elopement photographer… well, before I share few of my couples experiences I would love for you to dive in and answer one question first:

What is an adventure elopement?

It is coodiwomple experience when  you ready to hit the trail?

Do you know what it means?

It’s a verb, and it means to travel in a purpose manner towards a vague destination….and I thought it reminded me of all our adventure elopement destinations….I get to take along a third wheel to capture all of your memories!!!!!

I believe adventure elopements are an experience of the lifetime…the adventure to a vague destination…the moments you will remember for the rest of your lifetime…a legacy to cherish….from a generation to a generation.

“Think of it as a celebration of your lifelong adventure.“

“You two will pack handwritten vows and hiking boots and I will bring my camera.

We’ll drive to new our new locations…or hike up to a dream spot where we’ve never been, and fall in love with the alpine tundra…

We’ll set up a picnic at the bottom of a mountain; go hiking until we reach the first sun rays.

We’ll laugh at the way we get caught in the rain…happens more than you think…just to discover the most dreamiest light you can ever imagine….maybe even a rainbow…to bless you two and your new journey.

You’ll kiss under a hundred tree…dance barefoot…snuggle in a hammock…or just be present…while I capture all the little details of you two.

Our journey will not have a set destination until we find that perfect spot….this is it…it can be an alpine lake…it can be a spot you fall in love as we hike…with a jaw dropping views…just like you dreamed of…or it could be a spot we drive up to…if you choose not to hike.

Your timeline should be based on the LIGHT…and location of your vision.

And I am here to help you every step along the way to make sure we cover it all…starting with the wedding permit, the right gear, all the hiking essentials making sure you stay safe and have the best time of your life…to the last minute of your adventure.

As I shoot along the way…

Adventure elopement is not a photoshoot although I promise…I document every step of the way…I do give you room to breath…a breath here and there…but I can promise you now…you will twirl…dance…snuggle…lots of snuggle…all the way….while I capture all the details of you two! The things that tell your story, YOUR LOVE AND CONNECTION!

The day is not going to be all about the photos…it i will be strictly about the THE ADVENTURE…and YOU!

Hear it from real couples who are truly adventurous at heart, who prefer hiking boots over heels or just go barefoot.

Why To Elope With Me?

“Do you want amazing, unique photos and like adventure?

Would you like to hire a photographer who is passionate about capturing YOUR love story?

Well then look no further because Justyna is the photographer for you! We recently hired her as our wedding photographer and had our engagement shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park on Aug. 11th. She met us in the park at 4:30am and we took photographs under the stars. We watched the alpenglow illuminate the peaks. It was such a beautiful, magical experience! Justyna is so fun to work with and the results are seriously perfection!! My fiancé and I could not stop gawking over the them and we are SO excited for her to shoot our wedding next May! I highly recommend that anyone reading this who is looking for a photographer to please invest in yourselves and hire Justyna! You will thank yourself later when you get the pleasure of seeing all the nuances of your love captured on film.Julianne A.+Darren Adventure Engagement in Rocky Mountain National Park

Very few people in this world surprise me. I can honestly say that Justyna has simply amazed me. I cannot say enough about her professionalism, creativity, and most of all – her character. Justyna photographed my engagement pictures and my wedding. Her work is OUTSTANDING and it speaks for itself. More remarkable than her work is her personality and her integrity. The product aside, I can attest that working with her was remarkable. Justyna is energetic, fun, and passionate. My wife and I felt so comfortable and our experience was delightful – and her work was exceptional. I worked with many vendors to put together my wedding, all of whom did a great job.

I had very high expectations and demanded much from the vendors who participated in my wedding. However, by far, my most memorable and impressionable experience was working with Justyna. I felt that Justyna was just as passionate about my experience and my wedding as I was. Her penchant for capturing pure and organic moments is unrivaled. The memories she helped to create are incredible. I cannot say enough about her or her work. As I mentioned before, Justyna’s work is outstanding, but the person is even more amazing. Justyna is a gifted photographer with an incredible ability to connect with people.”Cliff+Amy’s Alpenglow Rocky Mountain Adventure

After months of anticipation the experience actually surpassed our expectations! The photo shoot was exciting, thrilling, and a true adventure. The hours slipped away so quickly. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Justyna was enthusiastic, professional, and really worked hard to get the perfect shots. She was emotionally engaged in her work and vested in ensuring our photos were the best they could be. Her bubbly personality and can-do attitude are particularly suited for the occasion. Overall, we were thrilled with our experience. Working with Justyna was a delight! We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a similar experience.Dana+Jeff RMNP Adventure 

After months of anticipation the experience actually surpassed our expectations! The photo shoot was exciting, thrilling, and a true adventure. The hours slipped away so quickly. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Justyna was enthusiastic, professional, and really worked hard to get the perfect shots. She was emotionally engaged in her work and vested in ensuring our photos were the best they could be. Her bubbly personality and can-do attitude are particularly suited for the occasion. Overall, we were thrilled with our experience. Working with Justyna was a delight! We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a similar experience.Dana+Jeremy Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement 

Justyna was so friendly. From the moment we stepped out of the car, she made us feel like we already knew her. She was also very encouraging. Anytime I thought I couldn’t do something in the dress I wore, she encouraged me and walked me through it, and the shots were incredible! We are both pretty private people, and she was the perfect combination of being there enough to provide direction and encouragement, while also giving us space for our private moments. I am so thankful that we chose Justyna because our day will now be perfectly documented without regret, and we will have the most beautiful memories of the best adventure of our lives!“- ADVENTURE DESTINATION ELOPEMENT|DESTINATION DREAM ELOPEMENT|ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK INTIMATE WEDDING|RMNP ELOPEMENT|3M CURVE CEREMONY  |TANDA+STEPHEN

Justyna is out of this world! My husband and I came to Colorado to get married and Justyna captured it all so perfectly. What I loved most about Justyna (besides everything, honestly) was the connection she was able to create with us. She is such a warm and passionate person who genuinely cares about her couples. I immediately felt like I had known her for years and was sad when our time was up. I’m already trying to think of more reasons to travel the world with her so she can capture it all. 🙂 She is AMAZING! I cannot recommend her enough”– LOVELAND PASS ELOPEMENT | SUMMIT COUNTY ADVENTURES | ALIVIA+BRINNAN

“From the beginning, with a simple phone call talking about how we pictured our adventure session, Justyna was very energetic and on the same page with our vision. In viewing her other sessions and reading her blogs and Instagram posts, we fell in love with her eye and her perspective on how love looks. In the weeks following up to our session, we had many back and forth conversations with questions, ideas and excitement about the session. We had no idea just how in tune and comfortable we’d be in person, and she hands down exceeded our expectations! Ian and I are super private as a couple and our relationship is very important to us to keep it that way. Justyna understood every bit of our needs and delivered 100%!

The session itself is something we will never forget, with the locations we were able to visit and the company we were surrounded by, it was a very amazing encounter. Greeted by warm hugs and optimism, we felt very received and welcome into a sometimes uncomfortable situation with new people and a camera. Justyna made us feel very comfortable, especially for Ian who has never been comfortable in front of a camera. Prior to the session I told him to follow my lead and to try and stay optimistic, however, Justyna’s approach and energy made him feel like he could be himself in front of the camera. We were very much at ease and very much ourselves during the session, all thanks to Justyna! We cannot wait to view our intimate moments from another perspective, for our relationship and our devotion to one another is very deep, and we’re very excited it was captured by Justyna.”MAROON BELLS HIKING ADVENTURES|ASPEN COLORADO | AMY + IAN

“Working with Justyna was nothing short of an adventure! Justyna was invested in our shoot from before it even started! Justyna scouted out the perfect spot in Estes Park where the views were breathtaking. She made us feel not only like a million bucks but also comfortable. She knew exactly when to give us instruction for poses or movements to compliments to make us good about the images we were creating. Justyna is extremely talented and passionate about her art, and the images she produced from our shoot were magical. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience and time with her!””ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK ELOPEMENT |SELF-SOLEMNIZING ADVENTURE ELOPEMENT| DYLAN + CANDICE

“We wanted our elopement to be an experience and adventure and that is what Justyna delivered. She made us feel special and loved throughout the entire process and our time with her was fabulous. My now husband and I wanted to have an adventure in the Rockies and Justyna knows the best spots to be and when the sunset and colors in the sky will come alive!”

“We were just in awe of the beauty around us and felt so lucky that Justyna brought us to that location. As we hiked, ran, and twirled, it was the best adventure experience ever. We didn’t pose awkwardly for photos, we had an adventure and she captured those precious moments. Justyna made us—the awkward introverted couple— feel so comfortable and gave us an evening we will never forget.” Pedro + Kirsten-ROCKY MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE ELOPEMENT|ADVENTURE WEDDING|TRAIL RIDGE ROAD ADVENTURE | PEDRO + KIRSTEN

“Justyna is absolutely wonderful! Her ability to capture authentic intimacy is truly amazing, not to mention, her infectious energy and enthusiasm throughout the entire shooting process. My husband and I feel so lucky that we had the opportunity to work with Justyna. She captured our special day perfectly. She is such a genuine talent and sweet soul.” -Candice R

“Justyna is absolutely incredible! From the moment we saw her work we absolutely fell in love and knew we had to have her for our engagement pictures! Having someone else would have been devastating. From day one she was quick to reply to our inquiry and was instantly invested in us and how she could help capture our love and love story from behind the lens.” Soleil

“Working with Justyna is like working with your fairy godmother, she makes you feel at ease and brings out the pure love and passion of your relationship which she of course captures beautifully with her pictures. Shooting with Justyna is not something we will soon forget and we will always cherish the amazing adventure we went on together to get the perfect shots! If you’re looking for a photographer, stoop looking. You have everything you ever wanted and more with Justyna! “-LOVELAND PASS ENGAGEMENT|COLORADO WINTER ENGAGEMENT| SOLEIL + MARK

“Justyna is a delight, and her work is spectacular! She’ll capture your moments in a magical way and use her imagination to highlight special details, emotions, and unique shots. The photos of my son’s wedding are absolutely stunning and totally breathtaking. She is a dedicated professional and focuses on you and your event. She brings energy and excitement with her to make lasting memories for you. Justyna is superb.”-Kathryn S

“Justyna was amazing!!! Not only did she take incredible photos, she helped make our day perfect in so many ways! Us Texans had no idea what or where to take photos in Colorado. We trusted her and she delivered! Better than we could have ever imagined. “-Casey B

“Oh, sweet Justyna. Her work speaks directly to the heart and soul. Our session with her was nothing short of amazing. I can’t thank her enough for the time she spent with me and my husband. I will be using her for many many years to come.”-Kristina B

“Discovering Justyna’s photos brought us to Colorado to have her capture our elopement! She is magnificently gifted and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better person to work with! Our day was magical and it truly shows in our photos! Justyna also went above and beyond and helped me plan out extra details since I lived out of state! I would recommend her again and again!”- Whitney K

“I cannot speak highly enough about this woman!! When we saw Justyna’s blog, my now husband and I knew we wanted her to capture our elopement. She is so chic with her talent and personable in her vision. Justyna literally photographed us playing in the mountains and wholly captured every emotion we felt as we started our marriage. I will forever cherish our photos from Justyna and appreciate having her be part of our day.” -Gabriella K

“Wow, I cannot say enough great things about Justyna! My fiance, Austin, and I kind of stumbled into Justyna’s website but I was amazed at the pictures. I met with Justyna and I just knew!! Austin and I just had our engagement pictures done at the beginning of September in Rocky Mountain National Park. We got to Trail Ridge Road before the sun came up and began our sunrise session! Justyna stressed that this was all about capturing our love and warmth.”

“We walked and cuddled and never felt posed! Justyna was so excited to be photographing us and she made the whole morning fun. We got our pictures back and I couldn’t believe it! Justyna’s attention to detail, light, and background is breathtaking. I just keep thinking “That can’t be us!”. Our photos show love, connection, happiness, and authentic. We can’t thank Justyna enough and we are so excited for her to photograph out wedding! I will be adding all of our pictures to our website!” -Mattie B

“Considering all of the craziness of that day, I’m blown away with Justyna’s ability to let the lens see through the chaos to the beauty and light. We never even knew they were there during the ceremony and banquet. She knows how to tell a story through her photos and creates truly intimate and spectacular images. You will love working with her.”-Elizabeth M

Justyna was such a fun photographer to work with!! When we first met her she was so full of positive energy which made my fiancé and I feel very comfortable! When we were taking pictures we absolutely loved her style! My fiancé and I got to be ourselves and she captured every moment of it. Her intimate style made for the most breathtaking pictures my fiancé and I have ever had together! We couldn’t believe that was us in the pictures. Working with Justyna was such a pleasure! She’s great at what she does and she is very responsive with any questions you may have leading up to your big day.-Chelsie K

“Justyna is all about capturing the genuine, raw feelings that you and your significant other share. She’s not about generic poses (especially during engagement shoots) and fake smiles. When I look back at my photos, I can’t help but think: (1) We look freaking hot!!! (2) We look like an actual couple that intimately loves one another. With the beautiful surroundings you’re immersed in, the way she captures the moment, and how she edits the images... I look back at my photos and think my love story is an epic, adventurous, wonderfully made movie. Thank you Justyna”-RMNP ADVENTURE ENGAGEMENT | SUMMER + JORDAN 

“Oh my goodness! We just got our pictures from our engagement shoot with Justyna. Not only are the pictures amazing (which they are), but Justyna has the most inviting energy and she makes you feel so comfortable! Our shoot was scheduled for evening, but we ran in to some rain…Justyna drove over an hour to go back home and came back in the morning so we could get good lighting and great pictures before we left town. Above and beyond!!! I can’t wait for our wedding!”-ESTES PARK ADVENTURE ENGAGEMENT SESSION APRI+DEREK 

“I am beyond thankful that Justyna captured our vow renewal in RMNP! Justyna’s attention to detail, creativity and vision is phenomenal!”-Ashley L

“My new fiancé and I went to Colorado for vacation. He found Justyna through a few photographers and picked her because of her amazing portfolio. She followed behind us while we hiked up Hanging Lake Trail (which is not an easy hike). He got down on his knee halfway up, and Justyna caught every moment. She then took pictures of us the rest of the way up. Seeing the pictures, I know she is so passionate about her work and it truly shows. She captured every raw moment, and I will cherish these pictures forever. Definitely would recommend her to anyone that lives in Colorado, or wants to travel there. ” Gabrielle B

“Justyna does an amazing job of capturing the love between people. The photos from my wedding and engagement sessions are phenomenal. You can really experience the love and emotions from that day by looking at the images. She managed to capture every look and every detail perfectly.”-Boulder Mountain Engagement I Bethany + Shaun

“If you are in need of a photographer for your proposal, engagement, wedding or any other photo needs, Justyna E. Butler Photography is just who you are looking for! We worked together at a recent wedding and even before we met the first time, I knew she was the perfect photographer and person! She first captured the happy couples engagement photos which were stunning and breathtaking, and then she did amazing at the wedding! Looking at the wedding photos actually brought tears to my eyes because they were that beautiful! Do not look any further than Justyna!” -Lucy

“Justyna undoubtedly captures your most intimate moments more effortlessly than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes it feels like I’m the most awkward person in the world (I’m a nerdy lady scientist), but Justyna works to make you comfortable and to break through the awkwardness and captures perfect shots with the most unbelievable lighting. I love her energy and bubbly personality. If you’re looking for a fairy-tale photographer, Justyna is your godmother.”- The Boettcher Mansion Wedding I Elias + Alicia

“Justyna has been a breath of fresh air to work with she is so kind and knowledgeable she has went out of her way to help me, with vendors for the wedding and to make sure our engagement shoot was fun and easy. She calmed my nerves and with her knowledge and insight we had an amazing photo shoot. She has such an eye for beauty and love and it very visible in her work.”-Clarissa

“Justyna was a joy to work with for our engagement shoot. Knowing our personalities, she picked the perfect location and even brought a hammock for us to play in. She has an eye for detail and lighting, and her personality is infectious. I can’t wait to have her shoot my wedding in September!”-Lucy

“Justyna has amazing talent! She not only captures the moment;  but love in the purest form. Justyna was blessed with incredible talent and is truly a wonderful artist. Her photographs take your breath away!” Kellie P

“First off, I loved my wedding. I loved planning and putting so much care into the detail. Honestly, I could plan a second wedding for fun. And the best part? It was so magically captured by Justyna Butler. Through her camera lenses, she caught all those tiny details I spent so much time designing. Somehow she made those real life moments seem even more real in her photos. Her true magic was in-between the posing where she snapped these innocent, genuine looks between my husband and me. Honestly, I look at them and smile so wide because I feel the love in the photographs and it brings me instantly back to that wonderful day.

Also, it was really important to me that my wedding wasn’t trendy, that it could stand the test of time, so that my future grandchildren won’t look at photos and scream “70s” like I did with my parents’ wedding photos. Justyna’s art looks like FILM but has the luxury touch of digital camera work. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it is absolutely the type of classy I was looking for. You won’t be disappointed! Use Justyna for your own special, wonderful day.”  Sarah H.

Justyna was the perfect choice for our wedding day! From the moment you meet her, she isn’t just your photographer, she is your friend. Justyna has a beautiful, calming presence, and is truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. Our photos are absolutely stunning, and I believe that is partly due to her ability to make everyone feel at ease (along with her ridiculous talent). On my wedding day, Justyna could see that I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the people in my bridal suite, so she asked to take a few minutes of just me and her.

This made all the difference, and it meant so much to me that she was there for me. Regarding our photos – wow! She makes you feel beautiful in person, and she make you look beautiful in pictures.- Kristina G



How to Elope The Adventurous Way | Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer | As Featured on Wandering Weddings


Therefore, if you thinking of adventure eloping or an intimate wedding? Get in touch, I’d love to be your photographic guide.

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