I started following Justyna on instagram after a friend recommended her to me.  The more I saw of all her adventures with her couples the more I was like, “Logan and I have to do this!”  I really loved how beautiful and ethereal all the pictures were and We couldn’t resist!  We could see that she really knew how to capture each couple’s magic and unique beauty.
I knew we’d have to get up early, but, according to Justyna, the light would be totally worth it!  So I emailed her and heard back from her within the hour.  She is on top of it and has such an excitement it’s infectious!  She was super helpful with advice on what to take to the shoot and what kinds of colors/outfits to put together.  I like to be prepared so I really appreciated her guidance.
The morning of the adventure came and we were so excited to go adventure with Justyna that it made being tired (from waking up at 2 a.m.) barely noticeable!  The drive to RMNP is so peaceful that early in the morning (just watch out for the deer)!  When we met up with Justyna it felt like meeting up with an old friend. 
Other people have mentioned that about Justyna and I can attest that it is true!  After chatting for a minute, we grabbed some coffee and started on our way into the park.  It was awesome to watch the light chase the dark away.
When we got to our destination, Justyna let us stay in the car to keep warm while she gathered all her gear.  Once she was ready, we hurried to the spot so she could capture us in the perfect light.  As we started, we weren’t sure what to do,  but she quickly made us comfortable and directed us to the positions that would get us the best pictures.  As the sun continued to make its appearance, we started getting the pink light.  So beautiful!
Justyna made sure we took moments throughout the shoot to observe and take in what was going on around us.  I felt so blessed to be up on that mountain with my best friend and a new friend who was there to capture our love.
My favorite part of the whole thing was having that time with Logan.  It was so nice and fun to get that time where we were just focused on each other and nothing else.  Justyna made us comfortable enough to get lost in each other and enjoy each other and smile endlessly the whole time. 
It was an awesome, peaceful, cold, fun, unique, breathtaking experience that I would do over and over again!


Logan’s Perspective

I started working at my current job in March of 2013. Fresh out of college and new to Denver, Colorado.  I had no clue what to expect from this phase in my life. It was then that I first met her. I was still reeling from the constant firehose that is the real-world of professional software engineering when she entered the same meeting as myself.

She was wearing what I now still consider her iconic black rimmed glasses and wild hair style with a single strand of red highlights. In that meeting she was tough, perceptive, and when she spoke everyone listened. You could tell the other engineers respected her opinion and that she had proven she deserved it. It was inspiring.

The following year and a half Ashlee and myself began to work more and more together and I was able to observe just how talented she was and how fun of a person. She always had some random new dance that she would deploy in almost every situation, and to this day I have not met someone who can quickly belt out a song lyric with such perfect comedic timing! However, it was not until more than a year later that we finally went on our first date.

As a proud Cajun, our coworkers had talked over the past year of going to Lucile’s for breakfast to see if it was up to my standards. It was Ashlee though, who finally pushed the issue and sent an invite for a one on one breakfast with her.

The image of her from that date is still swirling in my head to this day. I had arrived there early and put our name on the list and waited outside for her. I was nervous and unsure of what to expect pacing a small area and just observing the other patrons.

It was a sunny Colorado day. The kind of sunny that makes all the colors more vivid and full of life.  She was wearing a yellow and white shirt with jeans. She saw me immediately and waved beaming the whole time she walked in my direction.

That smile against that sun radiated with a brightness I’d never experienced. It was sudden and unexpected, but I knew from that moment she had my heart. There was nothing I could do.

After that day our adventure began, and boy is Ashlee adventurous! We hiked all over Colorado and Utah. Camped and rode ATVs. Even canoed in Florida. Her excitement to try new things and love of getting outdoors was infectious. Yet it was only one of a variety of facets of her.

Just as much as she loved getting out of the house and being active she also loved to sit down and play board games and don’t stand in her way of victory if you do! She is one of the most strategically minded people I’ve met and has trounced me gloriously more times than I’d care to admit!

Our journey as friends has come so far since I met her 5 and a half years ago and these past 4 years of being in love has been just a whirlwind of learning and growing together into a stronger and more loving couple.

Every day I see her I see that radiance of hers on that morning at Lucile’s. Ashlee’s smile always brightens my day. We’ve come a long way but there is still so much more road to travel and I’m excited for every step of this adventure with her.





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  1. I have never been there but definitely Colorado is really a nice place to visit and those photography are really beautiful!

  2. YOUR BLACK AND WHITES ARE INSANE!!! Colorado made such an amazing background for their engagement! Your work is phenomenal!!

  3. these are some really stunning photographs. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my favorite places and makes such a good setting for a photoshoot!

  4. It looks like you had fun with all these photos. You make a hike look less strenuous and very romantic. I need to do more of these kinds of hikes.

  5. I love that they found you on Instagram – your photos are always so breathtakingly stunning that it is easy to see why people want to hire you! What fab shots of the lovely couple.

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  7. What a gorgeous couple! I just love hiking adventure sessions, and rocky mountain national park is the perfect backdrop!

  8. Just amazing photos as always – you are so talented. I always enjoyed your posts so much. Thank you for sharing


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