April 5, 2019






when you were made,
the Earth looked down into the blue bowl in Her hands and said,
“for this one, only the best.”
“for her hair,” She said,
“Brother Hawk will pluck a tawny feather,
for this one deserves wings to sail mighty mountains.
“for her eyes,” She said, 
“Sister Lion will pull a golden tooth,
for this one deserves a gaze that roars.
“for her limbs,” She said, 
“Brother Oak will shed a leafy branch,
for this one deserves to stand rooted, and tall.
“and for her heart,” She said,
“I will hew the quartz from my canyons
and carve from it a four-chambered cathedral
for her soul deserves a strong, rose-colored home.”
when you were made, 
the Earth looked down into the blue bowl in Her hands and smiled, saying,
“this one is one of the best.”
This was the first poem Oliver ever wrote for me–the first of many. After giving it to me, he stood looking bashful as I held in my hand the card in which he’d written the words. I read his poem by candlelight and caught, for a brief moment, a glimpse of how he truly saw me.
Oliver has always had a way with words while I express myself through action. When we first began falling in love, I felt a deep burning emotion in me that I only knew how to express in motion, so I choreographed a dance piece for him.
While Oliver turns sentences to harmonious gold, I share every emotion in the nuances of my face and movement. He is an artist, nuanced in his thoughts and actions, careful at crafting. I throw myself headfirst into projects like a warrior into battle. Here is another poem he wrote for me:
she’s a copper-eyed woman with outlaw hair and a tiger in her smile.
she stands like a Spartan
her strength hammered out of bronze
when her spear breaks in battle, she laughs
because then she has not one weapon in hand
but two.
You see what I mean?
Justyna was there last June to capture the fire in our eyes shortly after our engagement. She immortalized the warmth and love of our marriage by photographing our wedding this past October. Finally, in March, we celebrated our relationship in a…less than traditional way. With all the formal events behind us, we decided to claim our own song of fire and ice.
Back-lit by the mountains and a brief pink sky as the sun dawned over the rocky peaks, we donned our cloaks and furs and hung swords at our sides. For our final adventure shoot with Justyna, we decided to try for something epic and unusual, and so we let out geek flag fly. It was more fun that we could have hoped, and so incredibly us.
So many of the major moments in our relationship were spent in the mountains. The wilds are a part of our couplehood now. We are so lucky that we had such an amazing photographer along with us for so many of those adventures, using her artistic eye to preserve them forever. We will cherish these photos always.
in the tin cold of morning
when the earth sighs awake
and fills the empty lung of sky
with birdsong and living things,
you are the warmstone.
you are the gold on the blue rocks and the salmon cliffs,
the granite that I lean against to melt frost into dew.
my Bronze Dawn, please listen:
if I glisten, it’s because of you.

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These photos are incredible! The attention to detail in the costumes is so great!

I am so in love with these two and their images! This shoot must have been so much fun! I love that they were all about getting into character for their images! So awesome!

This is too fun! The landscape and their outfits are so cool. Also, is it Sunday yet??

I love that opening image with tilt shift! Looks amazing. And perfect timing with the session for the last season of Game of Thrones 🙂

Oh – wow! This is incredible. The landscape, the couple, THEIR OUTFITS…love everything about this!! Such great inspiration.

Such an interesting and exciting concept — I love the way you brought this vision to life in such a beautiful spot!

I don’t even watch Game of Thrones but I still absolutely love these pics! So gorgeous

Beautiful session, Justyna! Oliver definitely has his way with this words! What beautiful poems!

Oh wow. What a magical Colorado adventure session. I love how it was inspired by Game of Thrones. So fun!

Would you believe me if I said I’ve never seen Game of Thrones? : / That being said; I feel like I totally need to now just based on this adventure session! Love!

holy cow! this is such an incredible adventure session. Colorado was the perfect place for this shoot.

Well girl…you just make my GOT Fan heart happy with this one! Love that you turned this into an adventure session here in Colorado!

These are AMAZING! Just in time for the premiere, too!

What an awesome session! This is sooo perfect with your style- you nailed it!

So beautifully captured. Lovely words and beautiful pictures.

Great earthy colors and what a beautiful location! Love the intimacy of some of these.

These colors! Love the atmosphere. Feels so genuine. My favorites are the ones of her laughing!

Oh my god their story ❤️❤️❤️. That poem… ? obsessed with every bit of this session my friend.

I love this! I live in Denver and would LOVE to shoot with you!

Wow! Those photo are so stunning, I’m a fan of game of thrones and it’s really cool. Wow!

Beautiful photos! I’ve never seen Game of Thrones before but great post!

I loved the poems and the way you played with your words in the beginning of the post. The photos are amazingly beautiful – from the location, to your outfits but most of all the love in your eyes. I am sure this will remain a cherished memory for you two. Sending positive vibes your way!

I love Game of Thrones, it’s such an amazing show. And your pictures brought it to life. They are simply spectacular.

I totally get the Game Of Thrones Wildlings feeling from the photoset. So creative and special. You did a great job!

Your photo sessions are always just spectacular! The location just makes the whole Game of Thrones theme come alive and you couldn’t have been more spot on with the looks even if you tried. Great job!

A really beautiful idea and these photos are absolutely stunning!! A gorgeous location and awesome photography.

Wow these photos are absolutely stunning. I think I’m the 1% that does not watch game of thrones but these photos took my breath away!!! Amazing!

That’s quite an interesting and informative post to read about travel adventure and pictures are just amazing.

Oh wow i love these photos. You did a great job with them. Thanks for sharing it, I love it!!!

This is so perfect! I wish my SO loved Game of Tbrones as much as I do. He’d never let me get away with something like this.


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