January 24, 2018




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      These are so intimate and sweet and honest!!

      Woah, you captured their Galveston engagement session so perfectly! These images are AMAZING!!!

      Holy wow! What an incredible beach adventure! Such a sweet anniversary session.

      DANG! Your work with the light is just insane and I have this feeling of being with you during one of this awesome beach adventures

      GIRL. These are freaking incredible! You made Galveston look like a dream! Seriously you killed it, the depth in these photos are outrageous. People in Texas need to be hitting you up for all the weddings! Stunning stunning work!

      This session is seriously SO beautiful wow! And the lens you chose is seriously so perfect for this session, the emotion is so intensified.

      her dress is seriously perfect. I am loving this beach adventure session so much!!

      Oh my gosh Justyna these are GORGEOUS!

      Oh my goodness! I love when couples are up for adventure on an anniversary session and you truly brought out the passion in every image. <3

      OKAAAAY all the inspiration for my next beach shoot under the pier! These are seriously amazing! You captured them so well and I love way you captured the connection and emotion between them. Great job!!

      Wow!! These are truly spectacular images! I would love to see a similar beach elopement of this lovely pair! This is such an adventurous anniversary session!

      Incredible colors! How beautiful to read how the couple felt working with you. <3 Congrats!

      HOW DID YOU TAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS? My jaw dropped over almost every single one! And the dress is PERFECT!

      wow the tones and the edits in here are amazing. I absolutely love them

      Beautiful images and the beach adventure you captured is incredible. I especially love the intimate photos, and their love story is lovely!

      Your story made my heart so happy!! I love this adventurous beach session! That dress is incredible too! 🙂

      Wow! I love these two! So well done!

      Ahhhh, the fog and this location and her dress – all of it is perfect. I am a huge fan of your work!

      OMG!! These are absolutely breathtaking!

      This is such a beautiful session. I’ve never been to Texas let along Galveston but you’re making me want to go!!

      Your tones are gooooorgeous. I was so caught up in the story at the beginning! Beautiful words to pair with beautiful photos.

      You crushed this session! I especially love the ones where they are running, and the one where you’ve just caught the last of her dress from behind the pillar! Wow!

      everything about this gives me goosebumps. gorgeous!

      Wow!! These photos are beautiful and her story so good

      WOW! These are absolutely amazing. I can totally feel the love from this couple! Bravo lady…you’ve done it again!


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