November 20, 2017




“When I left for Santiago, Chile in February of 2017 I knew that an amazing adventure was waiting for me. But what I didn’t know was that it was a lifelong, love filled adventure that awaited me. The love of my life was waiting for me and neither of us had any idea how much our lives were about to change. I moved to Chile to teach English at a university and I’ll never forget the day I first saw Bruno. It was my second day of teaching and I thought I had already met all of my students but in walked Bruno. He had such a quiet but strong and confident presence that I can still feel when I think back on that moment. He walked right up to me and kissed me on the cheek saying “Hola Profe.” I was shocked to say the least (in Chile it’s customary to kiss someone on the cheek when you meet them but none of my other students had done it). I was immediately drawn to him but thought “Brittni be realistic he’s your student, you need to be professional.” As the semester progressed I suppressed my attraction to him for obvious reasons but there was always a connection between us that I knew he felt too.  Finally a month into the semester we had a moment that neither of us will ever forget. He was the last person leaving class and we made eye contact. A look that was full of electricity and love.  We both knew right then. That day I left work and told my friends about the look and how I felt so much from just that look. About two hours later when I logged into my Facebook I had a friend request from him. Same as before I told myself “you can’t accept that friend request Brittni he’s your student.” So I let the request sit there for a month! The day I finally decided to accept his request we had another very intense moment with just one look. I said “Brittni he’s only two years younger than you and there is obviously something here.”  So I took the risk! I accepted the request. From that moment on we were inseparable. 
Bruno had just moved in with me in August and had proposed in the most simple yet love filled way. We were laying in bed and talking about our future and how he didn’t want to imagine a future without me. He didn’t have a ring as the proposal came from his heart in that moment. There was no pretense no expectations just his raw love. I happily accepted and wanted to marry him right away. We were already planning a trip home to Colorado in December for Christmas so we decided we would get married then. In a small intimate celebration with just close family. Little did we know God had something totally different planned for us. A week after his proposal my mom had back surgery. Bruno woke up the morning my mom went into her surgery with an awful feeling. He knew something wasn’t right. And he was right. The doctor had accidentally cut a major vein and we almost lost my mom. Bruno’s immediate reaction was that we needed to fly to Colorado to be with my mom and my family. As we got settled in Colorado taking care of my mom and helping my dad manage the house we realized we didn’t want to leave Colorado. We wanted to build our life and our future here. Once my mom improved and  was able to take back her normal life we were able to focus on us again. We decided we didn’t want to wait to marry each other and decided to elope! 
For both of us beautiful pictures were a must for the big day. I combed through tons of wedding photographers’ websites and was starting to feel like we weren’t going to find what we wanted. I broadened the search to elopement photographers in Colorado and found Justyna. As soon as we saw her pictures we knew we HAD to have her. Her pictures were like a dream. Not only are her pictures amazing but Justyna is also amazing. She called me less than five minutes after I sent her a message on her website which made me want to work with her even more! She truly cares about the couples she photographs and it is obvious that she is truly passionate about what she does. Working with her was so effortless and fun for Bruno and me. We are so thankful and happy with our choice! Thank you Justyna!” ~ Brittni

I love capturing LOVE + CONNECTION. I breathe LIGHT and truly believe intimate is the way to go when tying the knot. I’m not about poses. I want to capture the little things of YOU, YOUR raw moments. That glow in your eye..when he looks at you. The way he touches your hair…the way it feels, the way he glances at you…the way he holds you tight, the way you snuggle together…the way you laugh…The moments that give you butterflies when he chuckles…the way he holds you to make you feel safe, the way he looks at you that makes you think… “that’s why I love him”. The loud happy moments and the quiet ones, the in-betweens. I want to be YOUR STORY LISTENER. Do you want to have an adventurous self-solemnizing elopement in Colorado? Get in touch with me and we’ll start and adventure together. They are truly my heart and soul and embody everything that I love about being a wedding photographer —adventure, intimacy, story & connection. To execute a self-uniting elopement, all you need to do is apply for an obtain a marriage license from any county clerk & recorder office in Colorado, fill it out when you elope. 





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This day looks like so much fun! Such a cute love story.

This whole elopement was to die for!! Each image was breathtaking! You’re killing it!!

OH MY GOODNESS THOSE CHAMPAGNE SHOTS! Love these and that gorgeous wind!

Wow! This couple is beyond adorable! I love Their love story so much! Great work Justyna!

OH MY GOSH!! These are incredible. I love her fur! So in love with your work!

Every.Single.ONE is stunning!!!!!!!! These are so dang beautiful! Love them ALL!!

This is freaking incredible!!!! That portrait shot of her looking up at him with the hair across her face… STUNNING.

You always do such beautiful work! Love these so much! That touch of pink…ahhh love!

They are a stunning couple!!! I love the colors they chose and I am obsessed with the wind blowing through her hair!

The wind helped you make magic and that series with the champagne is perfection!

These photos are next level stunning! I can learn so much from your incredible photography!!

Those elopement is SO beautiful! Stunning images!

Wow Justyna- there is no end to your talent! These are so purely romantic and emotional. You are incredible!

WHAT AN AMAZING LOVE STORY!!! Oh, and the photos are so beautiful!

This story is amazing and these images are gorgeous! Great job capturing their day <3

Love the wind and how it is captured with this couple.

Wow I love your work! I am always impressed with how you capture a couple.

Oh the wind…the way she looks at him…everything!!! LOVE!!!

Your black and whites are extra stunning!

Wow, their story is so captivating! As are the photos you documented of their sweet love. Beautiful job!

These are gorgeous!!! And I loved reading their love story! So romantic!

OMG Justyna, another incredible elopement! Wow! Girl you’re on fire! Congrats Brittni and Bruno! Stunning location 🙂

This whole elopement is so enchanting! You have captured their love and story so perfectly <3

Seriously girl you embrace the elements like magic. This is a beautiful wedding captured perfectly

omg they’re seriously SO cute together! from their styles to their smiles!! <3

You photograph people and stories so well!! I seriously love your work and the way you documented this. Keep being amazing!

These are amazing! She looks like a princess!

So nice to read about their adventure and why they chose you!! Lovely photos!

the wind is so magical in these photos!

OMG!!! I am from Chile!! What a rad couple, this location is unbelievable! so much love and energy!


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