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“I’ve got a thing for the types of people who are undeniably themselves. The ones with messy hair, and even messier souls. The kinds of people who wear their hearts on their chest, and have passion in their tears. I’m obsessed with all the people who have the strength to remain soft and let their fire burn hard. These are the types of people I’m in love with. These are my people.”-K.A.

Therefore, if you thinking of adventure eloping or an intimate wedding? Get in touch, I’d love to be your photographer of your dream day.

Let's set a scene...

Imagine your footsteps on an alpine trail leading you towards the waterfall among towering soft mossy old trees...

The alpine sunrise light kisses your souls as you make your way though the unbeaten path trail...as the mountain breeze brushes against your skin...

the only sounds you will hear is your beating hearts...

if Those tangible experiences sounds like a dream

Let’s get lost in a world made of adventures, alpen glows, campfires, sunrises, golden sunsets, chasing light...

see you on the trails...



Dreamy backpacking blush sunrise to purple twilight after sunset elopement adventures where we start early, be off the summits by sunrise and back in the valley by evening into the night. Or timeless weddings where you get to spend all day surrounded by love ones and friends for a unique timeless big day. All day elopements/weddings are about 9-12 hours, (split two days/split/couple days depending on your unique vision). Each experience collection includes exclusive "How to Elope" guide, getting to know your dream vision elopement questionnaire, gear guides, permit coordination, travel costs within the state of Colorado, local vendors recommendations, customized timeline, an heirloom album ($1,200 value), online gallery, highlight cinematic film teaser from your adventure day $2,500 value), couples connection session/engagement (indoor) or a boudoir for the bride($3,500 value), or anniversary session a year after your special day ( in Colorado, if chosen another location you will pay the travel and accommodation fees) with unlimited consults for off beaten paths adventure locations and planning guide throughout the experience, sneak peeks within days. And a lifelong friend. ( Second photographer option with extra charge)


Prices range from $10,900 With Travel Included

Bridal party enjoying a fun times during formal photos after the wedding ceremony. The bride is wearing golden bridal dress and waving her hops and brewery inspired nature bouquet.

With over 200 weddings and elopements under my belt last 10 years ( both international & homebound), the in between fleeting moments while stargazing, the smell of alpine tundra after it rains, the misty mornings among alpine peaks in the Rockies, earl grey tea with a splash of whole milk, magnolia blooms scent, the smell of-good books, braids, long evening backgammon tournaments, and long eye gazes followed by long conversations by the bonfire... Each experience collection includes travel costs, split/couple days depending on your unique vision, and time frames ranges from 9 hours -16 with salt days. Each experience collection includes an heirloom album ($1,200 value), online gallery, couples connection session (Indoor) or boudoir for the bride ($3,500 value), unlimited consults for off beaten paths adventure locations and planning guide throughout the experience. And a lifelong friend. And All travel fees world wide included.


say hey


Inquire about these...

What are your favorite ways to connect with nature? Navigating among alpine lakes, late spring wildflowers, watching wildlife grazing away preparing for their daily adventures at sunrise while listening to the silence before the rest of the world is awake? Feeling like you are the only adventurous souls on the hiking trail and maybe brave enough to saunter? Let's go...bring your hiking boots!

Location depending on your unique vision, proposal, anniversary, special occasion. Each tangible experience includes an heirloom Lagniappe Canvas ($1,200 value), online gallery, unlimited consults for off beaten paths adventure locations and planning guide throughout the experience. And a lifelong friend.

* Since Adventure elopements deserve more attention, planning etc. these are not available for elopements or weddings.

Ala Carte

Couples connection Session Justyna E Butler Photography Colorado + Beyond



Starting at $1,300

Indoor snuggly sessions, an hour long intimate moments for you to remember in your everyday moments...you love cooking together? Getting all snuggly playing in bed? Cosy in timeless linen...knitted blankets....and let's chat about this special moments.


Emotive Elopement Films

Starting at $3,500

Cinematic & Emotional Elopement Films

Bring Your narrative To Life with wholehearted moments that will melt your heart and soul...to relive over and over again.


Additional Services

Moody and sensual Boudoir

Starts at

$ 500-1200

Mini Sessions, 20-60 min sessions at the location of your choice with 10 edited images, 35 images or 40 images

Starts at

$ 2,800

Moody Boudoirs


What things can we include in your elopement that will wisk your adventure wedding from the ordinary to magical? The secret of adventures…is not in the location you will hike for your adventure wedding day, but in your unique love story details.

I’m in love with the raw, natural, organic, the way wind blows your hair and your bridal Anthropologie dress that when the shutter speed is set to be slow just to capture the love dance.

In low light, at blue hour, dancing to the Alpine Tundra breeze at 11,990 feet at 39 degrees. Those intimate snuggles, kisses, that gave you goosebumps…..and that smile….even though you know you were freezing but that did not matter because you were with YOUR PERSON and nothing else mattered at 5:30 am the laughing so hard you tear up, the sleepy eyes, the butterflies in your stomach moments. The true moments that is purely YOU, no shyness, only pure and raw and under appreciated moments like these


only YOUR LOVE TALE in the most epic place you dream of.


Sherbert skies of alpine glow, pinks and purples behind these two adventure souls as they share their intimate vows and tie their knot, promising each other the rest of their lives. Award Winning Published Artist, Colorado Elopement Photographers | Justyna E Butler Photography | Cinematic, Heart-sewn, windswept, soul-stirring love stories. ADVENTUROUS ELOPEMENTS, COLORADO + BEYOND | ROCKY MOUNTAINS ADVENTURES + INTIMATE WEDDINGS FOR WILD HEARTS WHO SAY

What's Your Next Step?

“Adorned in headlamps, we made our way out onto a small, rocky outcropping. Hands clasped tightly, we gazed out into the night. The stars twinkled overhead – all the constellations smiling down on us. As Justyna’s camera clicked quietly in the background, we couldn’t help but whisper to each other how amazing this was already.” Adventurous Elopements + Intimate Weddings Photographer For Wild Hearts Who Say


Email me at justynaebutlerphotography@gmail.com

OR TEXT ME AT 720-219-0912

To book your free consultation for your Colorado Elopement Photographer

Step into the experience with butterflies in your bones; with a nervous feeling so beautiful , you know you're doing something right.

Dream what kind of adventure elopement experience you want to have and say NO to everything else.

I can hardly wait to connect and help you craft, plan, share all my 10 years expertise in creating unforgettable experiences for couples all over the world, and document yours.

Let's chat all the details of your dream day!

My favorites are: share handwritten vows by the alpine lake lake, twilight sunset ceremony among mountain peaks, camp under stars, blush sunrise camp fire + breakfast, Hike out the unbeaten trails to find yours....to hang a hammock for snuggle break, and maybe dinner with Family at an Airbnb?


Keep some room in your heart for the Unimaginable."

- Mary Oliver

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