To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” —Oscar Wilde.
I had this quote custom printed on a sign for our home, this sums up the entire meaning of our relationship.We were introduced by a mutual friend who pushed Jeremy to reach out to me. We both had passion for laughter, travel, adventure, and a bit of recklessness. Coming out of previous lifestyles that didn’t allow for either of us to enjoy those aspects of life, we embraced each other in the ability to finally “LIVE not just EXIST”.
In getting to know one another as friends in the beginning, we discovered we shared the same birthday, followed by subtle little similarities along the way that we both felt as if it was an outer source pushing for our connection. It was only a matter of weeks before it was obvious this was meant to be more than just friends & shared interests. We both had found what was lacking in our lives, like a balance, he pushed me to achieve my goals and I with him. We felt like we were meant to be one. We were exactly what the other needed to create a harmony of life. Which lead to our engagement after 8 months of being together.
We shared wacky Friday nights, home alone having dance parties in the living room, which I chose over any night of going out. Many days were riding through the country at sunset on the back of his motorcycle, pulling off in a field to breathe it all in. As well as the times when he would pull back full throttle at high
rates of speed down the highway… those moments remind you what it is to live! Down to the amount of thought and detailed planning he put into our surprise engagement, and pulling it off without my knowing. Every little thing we do together makes us appreciate this beautiful life we plan to share forever.
Selecting Justyna to capture our story was the easiest decision in all of our wedding planning. We were relocated amidst our planning process, so had to cancel everything and began researching wedding events, and photographers in Colorado. I came across Justyna’s site and immediately knew she was who I wanted for this special day. I believe her work speaks for itself. Her images were breathtaking. I reached out to her and met with her in person as soon I we arrived in Colorado. On top of her skill, she showed professionalism that was outstanding, her guidance in knowing the area, and resourcefulness was above and beyond. She has such a caring personality and is very easy to work with.
Our time with Justyna was pure perfection! She was bursting with excitement the minute we met in the early hours of our special day. We began our shoot, and had to take precautions as we were at the highest elevation and a storm began to move in. She did not want to us to be in any danger due to the lightning, being the pro that she is we moved on to lower elevation. She was quick to think on her feet and found a totally new beautiful setting, within minutes. She allowed us to take risky shots in difficult areas, and even included the wildlife that stumbled upon us. She is not the “stick to the trail” kind of photographer, which we loved! We were seeking an adventure, and we were not let down. Thank you Justyna for making our day “a day of living not just existing”!






About Justyna


Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer Justyna Butler is truly an adventurous soul, specializing in elopements and intimate weddings both locally and around the world. Inspired by the beauty surrounding her in nature, she loves mountains, light, and intimate connections — all of which she combines flawlessly in her images. She not only captures the biggest moments on your wedding day, but also the in-between moments that make your story unique, the ones you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. Hire Justyna E Butler Photography wherever your adventure takes you.


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  1. Loving her hiking attire under her wedding dress; that is what’s so much fun about adventure elopements! Absolutely stunning captures of Colorado.

  2. Another stunning Rocky Mountain National Park elopement, Justyna! What a fun looking couple and your photos are absolutely stunning. I love everything about it!


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