Dreamy Sapphire Point Wedding Breckenridge Colorado | Kyle + Alyssa

Dreamy Sapphire Point Wedding Breckenridge Colorado | Alyssa + Kyle Adventure Love Story | Colorado Elopement Photographers

  1. Where do you go to get away from it all?
    A: Home, snuggling with Kyle and Gypsy, baking cookies
    K: Home, playing games and taking naps
  2. Favorite ways to connect with nature?
    A: Star-gazing, sunrise, away from people/silence
    K: Hiking, fishing, sit on the back porch drinking coffee in the morning, listen to birds
  3. Ideal morning routine?
    A: I’m an early bird. I wake up hours before alarms or the sun so I can have some time to be still and enjoy the silence, knowing everyone else is safe and sound in their beds. My mind is most creative and alert in the morning.
    K: Waking up to the smell of Alyssa cooking breakfast, mouth wash, fresh coffee, having breakfast together
  4. Favorite thing to do alone?
    A: Decorate, plan designs
    K: Play video games/watch youtube videos. Listen to music loudly with no shame and dance around, maybe lip sync in my underwear.
  5. Favorite thing to do together?
    A: We’re a great team and balance each other well. We spend most of our weekends tackling new DIYing renovation projects around the house. We love to build and create tangible things that last. Kyle is logical and methodical, and I am more creative and resourceful. The pairing works great for solving creative problems and getting things done.
    K: Eat and go new places, have impulsive adventures, go shopping, hustling
  6. What makes you giddy?
    A: Airports, libraries, fresh snow, Christmas spirit, being in high places. Anything that makes me forget myself and marvel.
    K: Alyssa’s fresh baked cookies, discovering a new place (hike, restaurant, small business), super sale/free food items 
  7. Things currently sparkling in your life?
    A: Starting a family of my own, relationship with my family is amazing and supportive
    K: Mostly my relationship with Alyssa, awesome dog, work is going well, and gaining DIY skills.
  8. Dream location to adventure?
    A: New Zealand
    K: Japan and Alaska
  9. Favorite ways to cozy-up after a huge hike in nature?
    A: Pajamas, hot tea, and playing games together.
    K: First, a cold gatorade. Then, a savory meal cooked by Alyssa with my socks off.
  10. Favorite hike together? What made it special?
    A: They are all amazing in their own ways, but the one I always go back to as taking my breath away was on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. We got to the outlook at sunrise, where a stone path led you out to the middle of the mountain ranges for this crazy panoramic, almost 360 degree view above the mountains with the sun creeping up over them, coating everything in gold.
    K: Hike up Hanging Rock and having a picnic at the top with Alyssa and Gypsy.
  11. Words you find most beautiful or interesting?
    A: Wonderment, wisdom, spirited, ethereal, magical, gentle
    K: Aerospace, captivating, nautical, engineer, Alyssa Freyermuth
  12. Talking to your younger self, what good things would you share that have happened to you?
    A: Became the professional artist I always dreamed of growing up to be. Moved across the world, and then again across the country, on my own. Finding my voice, learning to stand up for myself. Raising my awesome dog, Gypsy, from puppyhood. Meeting the love of my life, Kyle. All of our adventures together. Mom is our best friend I can’t keep a single secret from for 5 seconds.
    K: Met Alyssa. Have a good dog named Gypsy. Got the blue truck of your dreams. Got a good job after the Army. Never had an STD. 
  13. List obstacles and fears about this adventure:
    A: Getting there. Being prepared. Coordinating with who is coming and herding them into the same place at the same time. Trying to enjoy the experience and not stress.
    K: Getting lost, breaking down, blizzard/bad weather, favorite spots being closed, no back up plan, being rushed
  14. When people think of you, together, what do you hope comes to mind?
    A: Kindness, fairness, and teamwork.
    K: Quirky, meant-to-be, unique, natural/unforced.
  15. When do you feel you are living life to the fullest?
    A: As much as I love the distractions and entertainment and convenience of the city, I feel truly full admiring the beauty of remote landscapes when they are quiet and devoid of people, getting lost in how ancient it all feels.
    K: Travelling somewhere new, especially with Alyssa (and Gypsy). Discovering new skills, learning every day.
  16. Favorite time of day?
    A: Early morning. I love the quiet of morning blanketing everything, reminds me of new snow.
    K: After work, around sunset. Feeling of getting home and a completed day.
  17. What are you joyfully missing out on?
    A: We were joyfully missing out on no kids, just enjoying each other (and Gypsy)…but that’s about to change in May 🙂 Our cross-country road trip to Colorado together and eloping somewhere epic and majestic is a bit of a “last hurrah” for us, crossing off one of the things at the top of our bucket list.
    K: Partying, going to bars/getting drunk, big social events. Getting tattoos.
  18. Would you be flexible to embrace rainy weather?
    A: Wow, tough to answer. After driving 27 hours in January to the mountains, I’d hope for some magical snow, not rain! I would be a bit devastated.
    K: Games, movies, and naps. I’d embrace it if there’s no choice. 
  19. What does adventure look like to you?
    A: Vast spaces, unknown trails, feeling high enough to scrape the clouds with my fingertips
    K: New discoveries and new tastes

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  1. WOW! What incredible landscape– You did an amazing job capturing the day. And I love the doggo!! SO cute!! <3

  2. Girllll I literally can’t get over how much I love your work. The emotion you capture is just stunning. This sapphire point wedding truly is dreamy!


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