October 30, 2017





We met at work, same as alot of couples I suppose. Difference is, neither of us ever thought we would end up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Neither of us ever wanted to end up in Wyoming actually.

I’m a Mississippi girl and he’s a New York boy. We met while we were both in the Air Force. We ran in the same circle of friends and then eventually we became friends too. It wasn’t until after I separated from the Air Force that we got together though.

While I was still active duty I used to wish I had gotten a different assignment. I thought ANYWHERE else would have been better than Wyoming. I even tried to get stationed somewhere else. He requested to be stationed closer to New York, but the universe had different plans for us. Looking back now we know everything happened just how it was supposed to.
Now we love sharing sushi dinners and sipping coffee on the couch on Sunday mornings. We talk about traveling the world one day and then retiring in the mountains of North Carolina. We don’t know where we may end up, but we don’t really care as long as we’re together.
Why we chose Justyna:
After we got engaged I searched the Internet for weeks looking for the perfect photographer. I stumbled upon Justyna’s site fairly early on and I was blown away. Her style and the way she works with light was unlike anything I had seen. However, thought I needed to “do my due diligence” and keep searching. But I kept going back to Justyna’s page. Nothing else could compare. We are so glad with our choice. Going into the shot we had no idea what to expect. We had never taken professional pictures together before so we expected it to be awkward, some stranger with a camera right up in our faces. But what we got was beyond our expectations. From our first conversation it was like we had known Justyna for years. She is just so warm and welcoming. Day of the shoot was amazing. The 3 of us talked and laughed on the way up to Dream Lake. Once on location Justyna gave us a few instructions but was never pushy or bossy. There were even moments when the 2 of us forgot that Justyna was there shooting. It was such a beautiful place and a beautiful day. The entire experience was unforgettable.

There’s something incredibly special about people and images where you can FEEL the love when you see them. These make my heart swell. I’m so very happy for them and my oh my these are just gorgeous.

What a beautiful couple and location!! And I love your unique work!

Oh my goodness these are absolutely beautiful! And its true, once you fall in love with your work, nothing else compares!

omg this is SO dreamy! the way they interact together is pure perfection. so sweet and loving! and her skirt?! love!

This session is beautiful and magical, and this couple is on fire! Beautiful work, and congrats to them!

You are solo talented! I love these so much.

I love the intimacy in your photos. The one of him kissing her shoulder and then how the wind feels like it was there just for them. Beautiful

Awe…thank you so much! The wind is always my assistant! Love embracing the elemnts to create the story! This Colorado, RMNP adventure was amazing!

OH EM GEE! Justyna these are stunning. I adore their story and they are so photogenic! What a beautiful couple. I am also obsessed with her skirt haha.

Me too!!! I am so obsessed with them both!!! Loved capturing every little moment, their love and passion!

Wahooo Dream Lake indeed! Your photography is simply magical! What a stunning Coloraod engagement session!

You made my night!!! Absolutely love these two!!! They were so fun to hang out with and hiking with!!!!

Oh hott dang! This couple is so romantic and I am absolutely loving the intimate vibes in such a large landscape. Absolutely breathtaking, fantastic job!

Thank you!!! Karen and Lu were absolutely amazing! Their special Colorado adventures…and their love and passion!!! Cannot photograph them again in January!!!

They look so sweet together and SO in love. I love the way you captured their connection. Those photos with the mountains in the background and her dress blowing are amazing.

Awe! Thank you so much! Their connection is absolutely incredible!!! The love and passion they have for each other!!! Love spendonh time with these two!!!

Thank you!!! I am such a light chaser!!! Love everything about couples in love and their embrace!!!


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