February 17, 2017

Destination Elopement Photographer

Are you searching for a Destination Elopement Photographer? Do you dream of having saying “I DO “ceremony unlike anyone else? Want timeless romantic frames documenting YOU and YOUR unique details on a beach, a mountain top, your dream place? Get Lost in the beautiful forests of Oregon, rocky beaches of Monhegan Island, Maine? I met and fell in love with my LOVE on Monhegan. The Island is a small, unique, rocky Island ten miles from the nearest mainland and scarcely a square mile in area.

Lets PLAY!

Lets create memories that will last a lifetime, a destination that is going to take your breath away! How amazing would Monhegan Island, Maine be, the Pacific North West!

Lets dream big together!

Destination Wedding Photographer





Damn, how do you make a back alley look so good!  And that island sounds dreamy!

Seriously Justyna…following your work makes me want to get married to my husband one more time just so you can photograph it lol

Let’s plan an adventure!!!!! Would love to be able to document all of YOU, your details, the way he looks at you, the way you look at him, that glow in your eyes…the quite moments I truly believe are EVERYTHING….and everything else!!!!!! Let’s chat soon! Have you thought of vows renewal? My hubby and i are planning one too! Somewhere on the beach, bare feet…just us…and the love ones…let’s dream!

Elopements are the best!!! 

How much fun to be able to travel to different destinations while capturing your clients special event, you have the best personality and whoever hires you will get a wonderful package all around! 

That island looks beautiful–I’d love to visit Maine someday!

This is stunning!! So in love with it. Elopements are by far my favorite so fun and intimate!

The sky is the limit! So fun to help people make their dreams a reality! 

I really want to explore Maine! 

Love it! You make me want to get married all over again. Your work is gorgeous!

Well we have been married for a long time, but if I could do it over I would absolutely adore a destination wedding…and would hire you in a heartbeat!

Elopements are so beautiful and intimate. Also, this photo is gorgeous! 

How fun for you! Elopements are the best and so intimate. Love it! 

lovely idea and beautiful image! (What is it about photographs in the alley that I find so evocative….?)

Makes me want to plan an elopement! Your work is gorgeous! 


Let's set up an adventure...