Wedding Locations

The elopement location is part of your vision. What is your soul drawn to...would you like to dance on the top of the mountain cliffs..hike unbeaten paths of undercover trails...or play on the sandy Hawaii beaches......dancing in the rain on the top of the Trail Ridge Road, only hear the beating hearts in love and the wind...hiking the alpine tundra of Colorado Rockies, exchanging the vows on a green knoll surrounded by the rolling Irish hills, exploring the black sandy beaches of Iceland, and those windy mountain tops of Polish Tatra Mountains that take your breath away, mesmerized by the rocky cliffs of Monhegan Island...if this is YOU, your VISION. I'm your photographer....
Let’s plan an adventure and discover YOUR VISION. Chat with me...share what you love and I will direct you to the best spot that fits YOU. Show me YOUR YOU!

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