Colorado Hiking Alpine Adventures | The Day After The Wedding Session




Colorado Hiking Alpine Adventures | The Day After The Wedding Session


Bret and I had both been using online dating websites and neither of us was finding what we were looking for.  My girlfriend kept telling me to switch to a different website and I was reluctant but eventually switched.  At the same time, Bret was closing his account on that site and just then popped up pictures of 3 ladies that had just joined, and the question came up are you sure you want to quit? 

He said he couldn’t take his eyes off the new girl name Mo, so in his brilliant thinking he decided well I might as well try one more time and sent a quick witty message to the Mo. 

I got a laugh and even though Bret’s profile wasn’t really the kind of profile most people post, (he actually talked about his short comings rather than his better qualities).  This made me even more curious, on what kind of guy is that humble. 

We texted each other for a couple of weeks before meeting.  Mainly because Bret was traveling for work and visiting family.  On March 28th we finally met.  Bret asked me to pick somewhere close to my house so I would feel comfortable and safe.  So we met at Rose Bella’s Italian restaurant.   Bret arrived first and asked for a table that would be cozy and quiet so we could talk. 

He looked up after a couple of minutes of waiting and saw me.  He thought I was absolutely beautiful and breathe taking.   He got up and gave me a big hug and he thought I had the most beautiful smile. 

We sat down and even though the conversation was very unique, we couldn’t take our eyes off each other.  Later in our relationship we both laughed about the fact that we were doing the same thing that night…. Trying to listen to what the other person was saying but we kept thinking about how perfectly matched we were! 

Our first dinner was amazing and as we walked out of the restaurant, Bret said he knew this was the girl of his dreams and he wanted to make sure there would be date number two, and asked me to an Av’s game that Friday night.  I quickly responded with a yes and the date was set and sealed with a sweet kiss. 

Three nights later, we went to the Av’s game, and I told Bret he could have a kiss for every goal the Av’s scored.  Bret quickly thought OH NO!!! 

The Av’s were the worst team in the league and goals were not very often.  He said he should have brought me to a basketball game! Late in the 3rd the Av’s finally scored and we kissed, Amen, it was just as perfect as the first kiss.  

But this was the start of our true love and friendship which we both new from the very beginning. 

Over the next 11 months we spent as much time together as possible.  In February of 2018, we took our daughters on a vacation to Mexico where Bret proposed at a beautiful restaurant on the beach with the girls present. 

It was absolutely perfect, as the sun was setting with the most spectacular colors, Bret got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. 

I said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Our whirlwind romance continued with buying a home together 4 months later and deciding to get married in our backyard on July 21st. 

We didn’t know whom to hire for catering, wedding cake or flowers.  We did know that we had to call Justyna to be our photographer!  I worked with Justyna at my elementary school before she became a full time photographer. 

It was so special to have a friend and a talented artist to capture one of the most amazing events of our lives.  

A few weeks after our wedding, we met Justyna in Rocky Mountain National Park for the most incredible photography session we could image!  We drove to a picturesque location and Justyna was able to capture the most amazing photographs of us.  The mountains and lakes were stunning back drops to our photos.  At the end of our photo session we started back to the car when Justyna noticed a rainbow beginning to appear.  Justyna was able to capture our love under what turned out to be the most spectacular double rainbow.  It was unbelievable!  Our experience with Justyna couldn’t have been any better.  She was able to not only take beautiful photos but she really was able to capture our love for each other in her photos.  We can never thank her enough for the incredible photos and creativity.  Thank you Justyna, you are amazing!

And a month ago…..


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  1. What a magical photo session! I can’t believe how lucky they were to have such a fantastic rainbow and the scenary is so perfect!

  2. Colorado has some pretty rad places. I love that you got the rainbow for the shoot as well. Absolutely amazing!

  3. I read somewhere, every photo holds its own story. Loved the post, the pics are really amazing. I would love to go to some place like this, mountains and seas are my favorite spots to go.


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