April 18, 2021

Bring Hiking Boots and Warm Sleeping Bags for your Sun-kissed Colorado Elopement

Because It’s Time To Adventure Again- Bring Hiking Boots and Warm Sleeping Bags for your Sun-kissed Colorado Elopement.

Spring Bucket List…have you ever wrote one? For me it’s the little things….
Wear rain boots and jump into puddles…
Stare into the sky…among wildflowers….and count all the clouds….while guessing….what shapes they are…
Wake up on a beach….after long night of starring into each others eyes….
Watch the sunset….many golden sunsets….after chasing LIGHT…
Hit unbeaten alpine trails….and discover hidden waterfalls….
Each night fall asleep in your arms…
Choose 2 timeless moments to print….and hang them in our bedroom….
Plan amazing road trip adventures…
Hug a sequoia giant tree…
It’s the little things…
What’s yours?

Check out my Bucket list and see if your dream adventure location is on my list. If not, let’s connect. Maybe, just maybe we can dream up something special for you!




Bring Hiking Boots and Warm Sleeping Bags for your Sun-kissed Colorado Elopement

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the sleeping bag idea is genius for those chilly sunrise elopements!! Love these photos, the location and especially the brides dress!

The sleeping bags are so cute! It must have been awesome, just the 3 of you, alone in such wilderness (okay, and COLD).

I love this much! What a beautiful elopement. Makes me want to visit Colorado someday! Also, love their fits!

Gorgeous! And what a special moment! Coming prepared for the weather is so important and what a great way to spend time as newlyweds. Love this!

Brrrrr! But so beautiful! This definitely makes me want to visit Colorado!

I feel like I can smell the crisp, Colorado air through these photos. Absolutely stunning work. I love the way you captured the light and their intimacy. This is just so beautiful!!

seriously so smart to bring warm sleeping bags to your elopement! The photos are so cute!

Wow these are amazing! I love your style and preset! BEautiful woRk!

Really beautiful photos – love the idea of bringing a sleeping bag to cosy up inside on your adventure elopement!

These images blew me away! so beautiful! and such a good idea about bringing a sleeping bag – you never quite know what the weather is going to throw at you, even if it is sunny!

Lovely elopement planning resources for couples eloping in colorado. Beautiful work!


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