Breckenridge Golf Club Mountain Wedding

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I had NO idea how complicated getting married would be…even a semi-small gathering like ours, Breckenridge Golf Club Mountain Wedding!  Some decisions were easier than others but choosing the right photographer took a lot of research.  I spent countless hours searching the web, seeing beautiful wedding photos from different wedding photographers but nothing grabbed me.  Nothing SPOKE to me.
So, it is with great affection that I call finding your web page and YOU, a serendipitous moment.  I admire you, Justyna.  I admire your talent and vision of all things natural and beautiful, and envy your ability to wildly abandon the typical.  And because of you, our epic Breckenridge Mountain Wedding love story matches the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains!!!!
With Great Fondness,
Lynn and Scott




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  1. This is a very lovely moment perfectly captured! I hope to learn more about photography next time and if I can capture people emotions with photography, that would be amazing!

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. I got really blessed with having a photographer in my family who did my pictures for free


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