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Tara:  A single prayer request one evening for a special relationship was answered in February of 2016.  Little did I know that I would sign into an online dating website and land on the profile of someone who would change my life forever.
Charles became a daily example of what love means.  Charles is a daily example of love and love  abounds in his presence.  When I met Charles I knew I was safe as our hearts recognized each other.  Charles exudes gratitude and carries a peaceful energy, my top two favorite things about him.  He is the best daddy and my best friend.  I depend on him and he never lets me down.  I have  nomad inclinations, and I love an adventure, but Charles grounds me.  This is how we started our relationship and getting to know one another.  The best way to get to know someone is to travel with them.  Road trips are the best and wherever I go he goes, he follows, and I love that.  He tells me that I am his home.
Our experience in Breckinridge this week has been an awe inspiring, humbling journey.  Dealing with altitude sickness and still choosing to climb mountains with me shows me how brave my husband is and all in the name of love.  We are a team and we can't imagine doing life without each other.

Why we choose Justyna- Colorado Elopement Photographer

I love photography and there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than being able to capture special moments and to be in one of the most beautiful places in our country, we had to have Justyna. We have never been to Colorado and Justyna's experience with the area makes us feel safe.  Being in the cold will be new for us as we are from Florida.  Our hope is that every time we experience cold weather and snow in the future we will be brought back to our place in time we shared together as newlyweds.
After speaking with Justyna we knew she would be the perfect person to adventure with us because of her skills, experience, personality and good energy. She is a beautiful soul and we could not imagine sharing our experience with anyone else.  Justyna became part of our intimate story,  and we will remember her when we are old.  Our daughter will remember throwing snow for the first time.  This is our adventure.  Justyna is such a sweet soul and truly made our frozen wonderland experience a success.  We have fell even more in love in her magical playground.
I met Tara almost 3 years ago, through an online dating site.  I had been separated from my ex-wife, a little over 6 months and quite frankly, I wasn't looking for anything serious, but little did I know that I had no control over what was to come. I had joined the website to meet, and greet new people, make new friends and get myself out there again in the dating scene. Although, I had no expectations whatsoever, when I met Tara, I thought it would be just another date, just another girl. The fact of the matter was that Tara picked out my picture and swiped right, saying that she knew I was the one and was not going to let me get away. So, after chatting for a little while online and over the phone, we decided to meet. Although I was a bit reluctant at first, I knew that I wanted to see where this new connection would lead.
We began to spend most of our free time together, whenever we would have time off from work, we would take getaway trips out of town, have dinner dates, movie dates, walks in the park, walks at the beach...we were really having the time of our lives.




I never thought I would find so much peace of mind, so much love, so much joy from another human being, like she brings into my life. I had always wanted to feel what she makes me feel. I thought I had once found that, but I was wrong. I thank God every day for having brought Tara into my life, and I know that I would be lost without her if she was no longer in it. I am forever thankful and grateful for the day that she swiped right, and that I was able to reply back to her right away. I am forever thankful to have her in my life to show me the true meaning of having your significant other as your partner for life. I am forever thankful to have her in my life to know the real meaning of belonging to someone and being connected to them on a whole new level, beyond comprehension. She makes this human experience worthwhile. I am forever grateful to have a love like ours to be our compass and God as our guide in this journey called marriage and this adventure called life.

I know that I am not perfect, and neither is she. We both have our flaws, the mistakes that we've made, the decisions and indecisions that make us who we are today, all of what makes us us, is what makes us perfect. I know this will probably sound like a familiar love song, but she is my strength when I am weak, my voice when I cannot speak, my eyes when I cannot see, and she always sees the best in me, she believes in me, when I have forgotten how to believe in myself, she pushes me through to be the best that I can be, making me see my full potential when I may be too weak to see it myself. I know I can be stubborn sometimes, but there is no one who knows me best than the one I call my wife.

In conclusion, we will make mistakes, we will be full of indecisions and uncertainties, we will be uncertain about what the future holds for us, but I am confident that no matter what life may and will throw at us, having her as my compass, and God as my guide, for better or for worst, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we have each other, we will make it through...forevermore.

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Colorado-based adventure photographer Justyna Butler is truly an adventurous soul, specializing in elopements and intimate weddings both locally and around the world. Inspired by the beauty surrounding her in nature, she loves mountains, light, and intimate connections — all of which she combines flawlessly in her images. She not only captures the biggest moments on your wedding day, but also the in-between moments that make your story unique, the ones you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. Hire Justyna E Butler Photography wherever your adventure takes you.

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  1. Oh, my, such beautiful pictures – the wedding party and the scenery as the backdrop! LOVE the gown – so beautiful, the color and the design. Everyone looks kind of cold, but also seem to be having a great time. I may have missed it in the post, but I’m guessing the little girl is her daughter – and I love the adoring look she’s giving him in one of those pictures. So memorable.

  2. This Colorado Elopement is right out of a magazine. I can’t get over her amazing gown, and those playfully romantic vibes!

  3. Aww I love your story and how you both speak about each other!! Your pictures are gorgeous and I absolutely love your pink dress.

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  5. Wow the Colorado mountains are beautiful! I love how this couple added a little adventure into their elopement.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful set of photographs from this beautiful Colorado Adventure! I just love the colour of her dress – that antique pink shade works brilliantly against the snow. So romantic!

  7. You have such a lovely team. And Justyna is absolutely perfect to capture your your precious moments together. You had a great company with him. Love gim with your heart. He’s one of a kind.

  8. Wow. I love this story. The pictures of him with her daughter, brought me to tears. Such a beautiful family and wonderful pictures.


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