I have a confession to make. I have stepped away from capturing family moments for almost a year now…but when a friend asks you, you just cannot say no…

Frames can be more than pretty photos, the real memories reflecting who your family is… YOUR UNIQUE STORY…whether it be details, heartfelt snuggles on a sun kissed mountain meadow, with rolling hills and mountain backdrop. I LOVE the messy. I LOVE the authentic. I LOVE REAL. That’s the beauty I seek. And it never hurts to have this breathtaking Boulder mountain as a backdrop too. Parenting is not perfect, marriage is an adventure and I capture just THAT. YOUR beautiful family as an adventure…filled with LOVE, CONNECTION…and YOUR STORY!

This session below made my heart swell with gratitude. It has been a year since I photographed a family…but family is LOVE, CONNECTION, unique moments, details….the laughs…and those quiet moments where dad and mom are STILL a couple…they also need a intimate moment. The time where you get to play, and just simply BE. So simple. Lisa, I could not be more grateful for letting me capture your beautiful Colorado moments  in such an authentic way!

Michael and I met 13 years ago, crazy to even write that, while I was working in a bar. I laugh because we both were always working and never really went out, so to meet in a bar is so random for us! We were babies when we met and decided to get married 3 years into our relationship. I didn’t really realize then what marriage was going to be about but I have never been so grateful for our decision and journey we have taken. We have grown up together and learned so much about who we each are and how to better one another. We have always been each others biggest supporter and have always pushed each other a little harder when someone was falling a little behind. We are both crazy creative people that love to work and are always challenging to push the limit and make it a little different. We were both blessed five years into our marriage with our son Kingston and the two years later with our daughter Gracyn. It has been truly amazing the joy they have given us and a purpose I never understood. I always look at them and they think they are best versions of Michael and I and I get so excited to watch them grow. Each day brings a new challenge, a new experience, a new memory. Whether it has been good or a little rough, at the end of the day I would choose these three to live, experience, and grow in life. They make me brave to conquer this thing called life and create a little world that I beyond grateful for.
I met Justyna working and was so intrigued by her passion! The minute I saw her work I knew I would have to have her take our pics one day. I have taken many family pics and I am always so grateful for the talent in each of them but I wanted something a little different. Justyna said it best that, it is all about you and Michael and your children are just bonus. Which is exactly what aligns with our marriage. Always putting each other first and having the best added bonus each and everyday from our children. I was a little nervous about taking these pics since it has been 10 years of marriage and we really have not put enough time aside for each other. So to truly engage in each other can be challenging. In the moment it comes back and Justyna for sure had a way of making that happen. We both felt completely comfortable and she captured some very special moments of us and my children. It was natural, authentic and real of who we are and the love we have for one another. I am so grateful she said yes to taking our family pics, it truly has been one of my favorite sessions. I might be stocking my walls with these. Thank you Justyna, you are an artist with so much passion and I am so thankful for your talent. ” ~ Lisa

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  1. LOOOOVE! You took family portraits to a new level! All of these images are stunning. I love that you captured their loved so well.