June 11, 2019

Boulder Colorado Hiking Adventure


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This sunrise Boulder Colorado hiking adventure is very special to my heart.

Our love story started in Colorado the summer of 2017. Patrick was on tour with his band, Dr. Joe, from Austin, TX and Grace was at the show. After the show at Hodi’s Halfnote in Fort Collins, some flirtatious banter was exchanged. Grace soon found out that Patrick shared the same name as her father, brother, and nephew (yes all of their first names are Patrick). The commonality didn’t stop her from bringing another Patrick into her life, however. The after party continued at the infamous “round house” on Horsetooth Reservoir where we danced until the sun came up.

We continued our relationship long distance for about a year and a half. After thousands of miles traveled, many adventures along the way including the adoption of our furry baby, Patrick finally made the move to Denver where we’ve been happily living ever since. The elopement photoshoot was an ideal way to capture our love in the place where it all started. And not only did it capture our love but it reignited it in a way we’ve never felt before.

If you are curious how this adventure location looks during the moody and foggy sunrise, check out this Colorado Adventure Elopement! 

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Oh I’m jealous of these photos, they are so sweet, you really did a great job directing the poses. And the outfits are nice too.

Wow, the pictures are so great..! They both looked so natural and comfortable in front of the camera.. And the poses are just so sweet.. Love it..

The pictures look’s so romantic and beautiful.

Such romantic photos. And the setting is awesome too.

These photos are just so romantic! I love that they brought their dog too.

Beautiful photos… looks like an amazing area!

Amazing photos! You’re super talented

I love your story and the photos! I’m still waiting for my fairytale ending like this!

This is gorgeous!!!! Looks like something I would love to do!

These photos are just gorgeous. The lighting is perfect and you can really feel the love! Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

what a breathtaking shoot it is!!!!! Just loved it


These photos are so gorgeous. They both looked so great. You made a very good job, wish I could take photos like these sometime.

WOW! You got some stunning shots!!! You two look so in love 🙂

These pictures! I am speechless. They are amazing, warm and so deep, love them. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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