December 21, 2018

BEST of Adventures 2018 |Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer


I must be one of the luckiest COLORADO ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHERS. Just like 2017  2018 has gone has gone in a blink of an eye and YOU WERE A DREAM! As featured on Wandering Weddings, Rocky Mountain Bride,  and so much more.

50 unique adventures…

As a result, 50 heart-melting love stories….

That is to say, 100 adventurous souls took this unique path in 2018…

” laced up your boots, ready for majestic woodlands of Evergreens and though the wildflower meadows squeezed between the peaks….where the towering mountains twinkling with alpine lakes, where the sweeping ridges and airy vistas soar well above the tree line…..50 100 hearts dancing, twirling, snuggling….in other wordsin love. 


To all my ADVENTUROUS ELOPEMENTS and INTIMATE WEDDINGS COUPLES this year: Above all, YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trust, my vision, and thank you for sharing YOUR LOVE + PASSION with me!

It was a true honor to be able to document YOU+ YOUR STORY+ YOUR UNIQUE DETAILS when you were dancing in the rain on the top of the Trail Ridge Road and suddenly we witnessed a rainbow, listening to the beating hearts in love and the wind

…hiking the alpine tundra of Colorado Rockies, exchanging the vows on a green knoll surrounded by the rolling Yosemite National Park sandstone giants, exploring the sandy beaches of US coasts, and those windy mountain tops of Polish Tatra Mountains that take your breath away, mesmerized by the rocky cliffs of San Juan Mountains.


Waking up at 2am to hit the unbeaten paths just to find your own soul.




Adventure seeking Lovers #choosemountains for unforgettable alpine memories….the windswept messy hair, the silence of nature brings their souls peace,makes them truly alive….mountains are for adventure lovers♥️?

And It is reflection time for me…for my adventures with you…taking next two weeks off…spending quality time with my love ones…Away…in silence signing of…till 2019.

Above all, I believe we all need it….silence helps us to find ourselves…there will be more snuggles….more connected conversations…and more epic mountain drives…away….not shared…but rather lived?❄️?♥️living in a moment…hope you do the same♥️?

And then 2019 is calling for WALES, POLAND, HAWAII….more epic unbeaten paths in COLORADO, and still dreaming to shoot in ICELAND, OREGON, and go back to WASHINGTON!

Visit my BUCKET LIST maybe your dream location is on my list? Certainly, there is no limit to where I’ll travel to document just that! YOU and YOUR STORY! LET’S SET UP AN ADVENTURE!

JUSTYNA E BUTLER PHOTOGRAPHY | BEST of Adventures 2018 | Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer | DESTINATION ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER 




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What a year! Love those snowy shots, and your up close and personal portraits.

I’m so crazily in love with all of these weddings and elopements you captured! You did such an amazing job capturing these couples love stories!

I’m not sure how you chose your top favorites from all this impressive work! Bravo!

All the feels for these adventurous souls!! Especially love the rainbow shot

Holy smokes – these Colorado adventure elopements are STUNNING!! I love how intimate their days get to be with just the two of them. Gorgeous work as always.

Omg this is so so gorgeous! Your Colorado Adventure Elopements are so so dreamy!

Wow, loved seeing all your favorites from the year! Fabulous, beautiful work!

Wow. You are beyond incredible! So many beautiful stories! Every photo is art!

These are just magical and oh so romantic!! What lovely places to explore with happy people!

I can’t even imagine how you begin to pick favorites from all your incredible work! Love everything you do <3

So many beautiful, intimate, adventurous moments!

You had quite the incredible year!!! Your work is spectacular!!! I am so in love!

These are absolutely stunning!! And the locations are epic!

Oh my goodness! Every season, every couple, every photo is moving, beautiful, and almost makes me want to elope just so you could take the photos!!! I love the sense of adventure in some of these couples, too. Spectacular.

What lovely adventures and couples you get to work with!!! I bet you love your job!

Your work is absolutely incredible. These images are absolute magic. Looks like 2018 was good to you.

Stunning work!! what fantastic images of Colorado adventure elopements! That Rainbow photo in RMNP?? so cool!!

What a beautiful year you had for wedding photography! I love that first photo, so epic!!

I also think that winter wedding photo shoots very special. There is something very romantic about it.

I am SO in love with your colorado elopement work! You are such an adventurous and high quality photographer!

Kristen Mittlestedt

You are one of the best Colorado Elopement Photographers I have come across. These elopements are stunning!

I ma blown away by the diversity in these Colorado adventure elopements!! Your photography is absolutely stunning – I love how you balance the landscape with the intimacy between couples. Gorgeous work – can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for you!

What an incredible year you’ve had Justyna! So many rad humans in your life and such a gorgeous body of work! You are my goal! I can’t wait to see what your 2019 looks like!

OMG! Justyna, you are seriously so so so talented! I wish I were near by because your Colorado adventure photography is literally what dreams are made of!

Oh my gosh! Your photos are UNREAL! If you are ever looking for someone to help with your blogging or other written content, I’d be crazy honored to write for you!

Sweet photos.. I love it. It makes me fall in love all over again. Justyna always makes a make a masterpiece.

Dang! What a year! You killed all of these sessions of 2018. Your an incredible Colorado photographer!

You had such an awesome year filled with beautiful locations for Colorado elopements! Love seeing these all together

Wow!! So many beautiful, emotional, elopements! Heres to more adventures in 2019!

Wow, so many amazing 2018 adventures! I can see why your couples #choosemountains when they elope – you capture it wonderfully! Here’s to a great 2019!

I feel like your work defines Colorado in all of the best ways. I am adoring at how adventurous all of these elopements are!

Wow this Best of 2018 blog is so rad! I love how you capture adventure elopements!

Wow you had an amazing year it looks like as some of the best Colorado wedding photographers! Your images are stunning!!! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings to you!

wow! these adventure elopements from 2018 are amazing!! you’re so lucky to be a Colorado elopement photographer!!

These pictures are gorgeous! I love the mountains and snow in background, thanks for sharing!

The mountains make such an amazing backdrop for photos. I love the way all of these turned out.

Your photos are beautiful. I love those that are taken from the mountain.

Wow you really are the adventure elopement queen! Love the one of the couple walking through the deep snow!!!

Everytime I stop by your website is a breathtaking moment. I really enjoy how you capture the beautiful moments as well as nature. It’s like 2 for 1 experience

What absolutely beautiful work you have. This roundup is just gorgeous! I am so impressed.

Your Colorado adventure photography is SO GOOD!! Amazing year!!

Amazing photos! Looks like an amazing year, your shots are stunning!

What a year! You did a killer job at all of these elopements and adventure sessions. And Colorado adds some beauty for sure!

Hands down, you are one of the best Colorado adventure photographers!

Colorado is literally a playground for adventure elopements and you photograph them well!

These photos are super amazing, they are just so beautiful. Its a welldone work.

These photos are absolutely breathtaking! I wish my wedding photos were half this beautiful and lively.

Omg! These images are amazing! I can’t get over how gorgeous your work is!

I am beyond jealous right now! This scenes are amazing and your photography is absolutely out of this world! You capture the beauty of their love and nature all at once. This is AMAZING!

You are super talented. Love the pictures. Love the stunning backgrounds. Love everything.

What an incredible year you’ve had Justyna! So many beautiful moments and mountains <3

Absolutely amazing pictures! You really are an amazing photographer <3

Nature always makes such a great backdrop for photos. These are some memorable/gorgeous pictures for any portfolio. Well done.

Such beautiful photos from the year. I loved the ones where the couples were smiling into one another’s embrace. So genuine and loving.

Wonderful amazing sweet photos. I don’t know how to describe it anymore. Just love your passion on to photography.

Such an unique and beautiful wedding photography idea! SO sweet!
P.S. Happy New 2019 Year! Best Wishes!

I love these photos so much. I love the couples who chose to be different. Sneakers… hiking boots .. I am all about it! Beautiful!

These photos are stunning. The brides and grooms happiness is captured so well and the locations are beautiful and unique. You are so talented.

That double rainbow….WOW! Fantastic photos!

I love your photos. The location and the bride and groom are stunning. All the backgrounds with rocks and sky are amazing.

These photos are amazing. The location and the bride and groom are stunning. The quality of each picture is outstanding. Such talent!

As always these are some epic photos. Some of the best photos I’ve seen in 2018, seriously!

I’m looking forward to seeing your photos in 2019! I hope you get to Iceland, your shots would be amazing!

You are super talented. These shots are just amazing. From the dress to the background.. everything is just perfect.

Is it strange to describe these photos as epic! They’re all just so beautiful, with these big awe inspiring scenes coupled with these close looks of love between these couples! I cannot wait to see what 2019 brings you!

Amazing shots love them

Oh i love those photos, every piece looks stunning! I love the big rock background and the rainbow background.. Love it!

OMW, your photos are incredible. I sure hope South Africa is on your bucket list Justyna. Simply beautiful

Beautiful pictures. Amazing backgrounds, the views are amazing. These locations would make fantastic memories.

All of these photos are absolutely amazing! I would love an adventurous destination wedding if I were to ever get married.

These photos are all beautiful! Pretty shots, and all of these are lovely! 🙂

Justyna, every image here is so beautiful! You are an amazing Colorado adventure elopement photographer, I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings you!

You never fail me wth your photography skills. This is truly a stunning shots. One of the loveliest wedding photos I have ever seen.

Wow these are so beautiful! I love outdoor pictures like these – they remind me of my home in Wyoming 🙂 I met my boyfriend while trekking in Nepal, maybe one day I will have pictures like this also!

These photos are amazing!! So beautiful xxx

In my opinion, winter wedding photo shoots are the best. They are so whimsical and enchanting.

These are some of the most beautiful Colorado adventure wedding photos I’ve ever seen! Makes me want to do it all over and elope!

So many gorgeous Colorado adventure weddings! Love it!

Alexandria J English

Holy Moly! What AMAZING Colorado Adventure weddings!


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