March 10, 2018



Mentoring Session

Capturing real moments, connection and love is everything to me. I love how light, blur, movement can create incredible depth in my frames that you cannot simply recreate in post processing. My heart skips a beat when the light dances off my subjects… I am an open book to share whatever you have dreamed up… I would love to help you paint alongside you on your artistic journey. Chase + Lisa’s destination adventures were part of the mentoring session I offer to local and out of state traveling photographers, willing to learn how to document the passion, love and connection. I only offer a handful those. If you are invested to learn more about the educational opportunities check out my mentoring page!

Who’s this for: Photographers who want to dig deeper in learning how to create connection between couples, capture love and authentic, real feelings, incorporating movement and play into the shoot. Learn to observe, and notice the light. Ideally you will come to the mentoring session knowing the basics of how to take photographs with your camera and how to edit. There will be a very quick review of basics and fundamentals at the start to make sure everyone is on the same page but this retreat is targeted at expanding on existing skills and pushing yourselves creatively. There will be time set aside for shooting in the field, an in depth discussion on how to approach scenes, and more.



  • What gear I use and why
  • How to get amazing shots in direct lighting conditions
  • What lenses to use to get the most “epic” look of landscapes
  • How to shoot successful tilt-shift photos
  • How to get real intimacy out of couples by NOT posing them
  • How I edit—and how to create your own presets






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STUNNING images, so beautifully intimate and evocative!

I love these! The black and white photos are especially beautiful. It looks like a fun couple, love their tattoos as well.

The emotion you’ve provoked in these adventure portraits is amazing! Much love!

Wow I would die to be at this amazing destination wedding! Yea I would love to be mentored by you!

I love the intimacy of your destination adventure photography. Your black and white images are some of my favorite!

This would be an amazing mentor session with you! You are seriously a talented destination wedding photographer! Keep killin it!

Beautiful intimate photos. Your destination adventure work is amazing. It’s great you offer mentoring sessions too!

Yo, that session got super saucy the more I scrolled through. I dug the black and white for a good minute and then it switching over to color. This looks like an amazing destination adventure. Cheers.

Your mentoring session sounds amazing! You do those intimate and authentic photos beautifully!

Wow, these are so intimate and sexy! Pure fire, love them all!

Wow these are amazingly intimate and the contrast is just gorgeous!

Jaw dropped. Beautiful, sexy and intimate. I LOVE THEM ALL. Wow! I have no words other than you are incredible <3

Oh Justyna, this beach adventure session is just stunning! The way you captured their connection and emotion makes it undeniable. I adore all the black and white images!

Oh it is so exciting that you are offering one on one online mentoring sessions! You have so much to share!

I love how you capture connection and love. So genuine.

this is literally incredible. you truly captured their connection + love for each other! i need a mentor session with you asap!

Wow these are so stunning! A mentor session with you would be soooo educational

oh my gosh your work is so gorgeous! you capture love so well!

Wow you create such intimacy in these photos! Love how you offer mentoring sessions as well.

You never stop amazing me! Your one one one mentor sessions look like such a valuable resource. This looks like such an intimate adventure session between two loving souls. So good.

Ahh! I love how well you capture connection and love!! This adventure sessions is so romantic and sexy! Beautiful work!

These are absolutely beautiful! I love how the beach session is so different from the mountains you shoot so much in, but they still feel so much like your work.

Your ability to capture honest connection and their love is truly a talent! Lovely work! 🙂


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