Alpine Rainbow, Glacial Dream for This Colorado Elopement

Adventure Elopement With Ethereal Alpine Rainbow Dream Backdrop during the Intimate Ceremony Vows in Rocky Mountains; Colorado Elopement Photographers | Published on  Rocky Mountain Bride


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It was dumb luck-or-fate that brought us together. Neither of us were looking for a relationship both just looking for adventure. LaChelle was planning her own adventure at the time by taking a solo trip to Bali, Indonesia for her birthday, and Justin about to take a new work contract in Hawaii. One day at work after it became clear we both felt more connected as strangers than we did anyone else. Justin overheard LaChelle explaining her solo trip to Bali when he quickly chimed in with, “So what if I came to Bali with you?” LaChelle became speechless and uncertain how to respond to this stranger inviting himself on her solo trip to the other side of the world but her curiosity and excitement was as genuine as their hearts together. LaChelle said yes and they spent their first date purchasing plane tickets to Bali, Indonesia. And that was just the beginning.  


We have been following Justyna and her work for about 2 years prior to ever being engaged. So When we got engaged in November 2019 the next day we were on the phone with Justyna securing our date with her and as excited as could be to finally get to plan an adventure with Justyna. The year 2020 of course made us nervous our adventure wedding not being able to happen, but Justyna remained positive, supportive, and with regular communication throughout the process. 

It is early October at 0300 and its finally the big day! Us and our dog Frank met Justyna just before sunrise to do our first look. It was a cold morning but worth it to get to do our first look while the day was still and the sky was full of warm golden colors. We than traveled to a second spot with just as gorgeous of views where we decided to do our vow exchange. After the vow exchange us and Frank popped a bottle of champagne and enjoyed a coffee mocha cake together. 


We then went on to our final location one that neither us nor Justyna had been to but were all willing to adventure into the unknown with an open mind. Along the way we stopped to take pictures and enjoy some beautiful aspen trees. We got to the final destination and took a mile hike to a primitive hot spring with incredible views. We “trashed” our wedding attire and then changed into our suits and enjoyed a long hot soak after a day full of love and adventure.  


We wanted to do something for our wedding that was as unique and adventurous as we are. We wanted an intimate day of just us, our dog, and the mountains. Justyna was so great about making sure our day was full of everything we wanted. She was so easy to work with and her loving and fun personality made showing love and intimacy in front of the camera easy. She is sure to capture every detail, smile, and kiss with great intent and passion. Hands down best day ever.  


With love and fond memories  


Justin, LaChelle, and Frank 

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