November 25, 2018



“The love that Evan and myself share, perfectly embodies the beautiful balance that’s found in nature. I’m the wind – a free spirit in every sense of the word, while he’s a strong oak tree- deeply rooted and grounded. The wind encourages the oak tree to dance, with leaves flickering in the wind. The oak tree blocks the strong gusts of the wind- reminding the wind to slow down.

Both incredibly independent souls, we’ve found love is something to be nourished and we have found that nourishment when we’re outside or traveling the world with the other by their side, fully present in the moment. An adventurous wedding was something that was of interest for us both as our relationship has deepened with every new adventure we have experienced together.

We both were drawn to Justyna as the photos she captures showcases her love of intimacy and the natural beauty found in the world around us. We’re so excited to have her a part of such a special day- capturing another day where adventure brought us closer together.” Marie+Evan

If I could sum up our experience in Yosemite with one word, I would use the word: incredible. We truly enjoyed getting to experience the place we love so much together, while having Justyna capture it. We enjoyed getting to run along the epic Glacier Point Rd with half dome in the background and ending our night at Taft Point a gorgeous destination to experience the warm light of sunset. Justyna was gentle, enthusiastic, and encouraging in every way.
Evan and Marie met while working at Hyatt together back in 2012. Marie being in a long-term relationship at the time had a forbidden crush that she kept contained until the long-term relationship had ended (not due to the major crush on Evan). Our relationship started as a friendship and soon bloomed into a beautiful loving relationship. We’re truly the epitome of a Ying/Yang balance, but somehow our vows were scarily alike. We share a love that grows in each season we experience in life, always learning to appreciate the other’s differences, all while simultaneously encouraging and cheering the other to blossom into the person we’re capable and were born to become. We couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling relationship, deeply rooted from a place of unfaltering love and shared joy from every adventure experienced together.”

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These pictures are beautiful!!!! I have never been to yosemite but I am seriously impressed by these pictures!

These photos are so amazing. Wow, I cant’ even find the words to describe how much of a magical experience it certainly looks like.

stunning photos ❤️I love it 🥰

I love your photos. They all are eye catching. I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite.

vows renewal is so romantic! the photos capture the moment perfectly and definitely reflect the mood of the couple. So sweet and brave!

Talk about spectacular photos! Now this is a photo shoot/day to remember.

Love the lighting. Looks like it was a fun one

Omg these photos are so beautiful and adorable! You can clearly see how much love you have for each other :3

What sweet photos. I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite. What were you guys looking at on that rock though? LOL!

These pictures are so beautiful!! I love them so much!

What an amazing location for a wedding!

I love these pictures! Such a beautiful ceremony.

I have friends that hike and I think this would be an amazing location for hikers! If people love the outdoors, then this is a perfect place. These photos are amazing.

More beautiful pictures as always. I’m not sure how you manage to capture such perfect pictures. They are always gorgeous. The couples look amazing and I love this setting!

What an amazing location for taking or renewing vows! Such beautiful photos x

Beautiful post and photos! You’re very talented behind the camera.

What beautiful piccys. Love the dress and what a beautiful Vow renewal location x

These are all beautiful photos, how lovely it is to see that the both of you are happy 🙂

This is some really beautiful photo work. I absolutely love all of the lighting that is here in them!

That light is so delicious I could eat it! Your work is incomparable as always- just incredible!


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