November 6, 2018





Ok, so there is no literally no other possible way that this epic Colorado destination adventure wedding could’ve been any better! This epic location is perfect as it is, but to top it off  with golden Fall hues creating the dreamy San Juan Mountain landscapes? When you have to cuddle away when it’s 54 degrees outside and raining…next thing you know it’s raining so hard you cannot see though the windshield but nothing stops you to capture love and connection because at the end it’s what my couples want. My vision is capture YOU, your adventurous souls, unique places, jaw dropping mountain views, or breathtaking beach views. Colorado is that place to leave you breathless like you would have entered another world. It carries you through the rolling hills, astonishing peaks, lakes, snowfields, canyons, forests, and meadows spread over 400 square miles.

Give me an inch, I’ll take you a mile. And I wanted at least 10 more miles with these two! I WANTED TO CAPTURE THE FLEETING, LOVE-DRENCHED, HONEST MOMENTS. IT’S WITHIN NATURE AND ROMANCE WHERE MY CREATIVITY THRIVES. ARTFUL IMAGERY MEETS ADVENTURE. If you are one of the brides looking for ART  and is adventurous enough to dance in the rain…LET’S MAKE MAGIC TOGETHER AND SAY HEY.  


You must remember these two from their epic, story Rocky Mountain National Park engagement, they danced in the rain…and cuddles in the sun kissed Colorado! If you would like a refresher please head on over here.

This time the weather was PERFECT and these two committed their adventurous souls to each other…at the TOP of the world! Here is their BIG DAY story!

Venue: San Sofia Overlook Weddings

Second Shooter: Chelsea Leigh Stockton



Rocky Mountain Adventures – Intimate Weddings + Adventure Elopements, Colorado, Worldwide

…dancing in the rain on the top of the Trail Ridge Road to the rhythm of wind, listening to the beating hearts in love, hiking the alpine tundra of Colorado Rockies, witness the tears of happiness or melting snowflakes rolling down your cheeks while exchanging the vows at Dream Lake, or twirling on a green knoll surrounded by the rolling Irish hills, exploring the black sandy beaches of Iceland, and those windy mountain tops of Polish Tatra Mountains that take your breath away at sunrise blessing just two of you, or mesmerized by the rocky cliffs of Monhegan Island at sunset…that’s my vision…capturing those LOVE details…the experience that will last a lifetime…
if this is YOU, your VISION. I’m your photographer…. Let’s plan an adventure!


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Dang girl, you killed it! This weddings gorgeous! Telluride is the perfect spot to get married – those views!!

Wow!!! This is one hell of a destination wedding. I love how couples are starting to make their weddings a lot more intimate and choosing gorgeous destinations like Telluride Colorado.

Oh my goodness, San Sofia is the perfect place for a destination intimate wedding! You captured it so beautifully too!

Loving how intimate these wedding photographs are!

Such a cute destination intimate wedding! I’d love to visit Colorado one day!

Love the colors in this destination wedding!

Beautiful! What a gorgeous destination intimate wedding. They were lucky to have you!

How cute is she in those Converse! Love the sunset shots. What an amazing Telluride, CO destination wedding.

Now THIS is what you call a wedding! I love how different this is and you can tell every detail was personal and well thought out. I adore these photos, it looked like a magical day!

WOW STUNNING!!!! You did an amazing job with this wedding. I love the black and white photos

This Telluride elopement is so amazing!! What a beautiful Colorado location!

Telluride & these photos are so magical! What a gorgeous adventurous wedding.

Wow this wedding is so gorgeous! makes me want to get married in Telluride, love their adventurous spirits

lovely Colorado intimate wedding, those mountains are to die for

I love this Telluride wedding so much!! What a perfect spot for an intimate wedding. You killed it!

This adventure wedding in Telluride, Colorado is everything! The vibrant fall colors really made everything pop on the top of the mountain!

wow this adventure wedding is amazing! Telluride, Colorado looks SO beautiful!!

This is a beautiful adventure wedding in Telluride, Co. I love everything about this! You did such a fantastic job!

Stunning images as always! Love the scenery too!

what a cute elopement story! the photos are breath taking

I was born and raised in the mountains. What an absolutely beautiful place for a destination wedding. Your pictures are gorgeous.

oh my goodness! WHat a cute elopement! You captured their special day so perfectly! Telluride looks so gorgeous!

These are absolutely stunning! I’m completely obsessed with this Telluride elopement!

Omg what a lovely wedding! The photos are so tastefully done. Just love it

The pictures look gorgeous and painting beautiful story x


This adventure elopement in Telluride is so beautiful! I love the Telluride area and cannot wait to get back there and do some more exploring!

Catherine Santiago Jose

First of all congratulations, you really did a good job. I can see so much love in this couple by staring in their wedding photos. Everything looks so perfect!

This is such a heartwarming post from an special event. Congratulation, I really love the scenic view of your wedding.

Such beautiful images – you captured the feeling of the day so well! What a beautiful location.

I love these beautiful warm tones in the fall landscape! This is a perfect Colorado wedding.

Love how you capture these beautiful moment of the couples big day! I also all the details shown in this post.

those are such a stunningly beautiful images

What a romantic location! Your photos are romantic too, I love the bride’s shoes!

I love every single person photo! You are so talented!

I have heard about Telluride, but I lived in Breckenridge so I never made it out that way. Beautiful area though!

Your photography is stunning! Every picture is incredible, so talented!

Beautiful Telluride wedding! I adore the ski lift shots! Not to mention that San Sofia overlook and those gorgeous sunset silhouettes! You nailed this Colorado adventure wedding… you know, as usual!

I looooove this wedding! Colorado is so perfect for anyone looking to get married in the mountains. Having a destination wedding in Colorado is so easy with you!

These elopement photos are gorgeous. I’ve never been to Colorado, but this adventure wedding makes me want to book my ticket immediately.

Oh my! This Colorado destination wedding is fantastic. If I ever desire to get married there I will ask you to be my photographer!!!

Just dying over how gorgeous this adventurous Telluride wedding is! I love her dress and your getting ready shots of the bride are SO stunning. And those night shots, whaaaat?! Amazing job!

Lobe this Telluride Wedding. I have been wanting to go there for a long time. Also you killed it with the direct sun and I am obsessed with her socks!

What a stunning adventure elopement in Telluride! Wonderful photography as always Justynae!

The light in Telluride is so gorgeous, you captured it perfectly! I would love to visit San Sofia Overlook on my next visit!

These pictures are all so gorgeous! I wish my wedding pictures were even half as beautiful as this!

These pictures are all so gorgeous! I wish my wedding pictures were even half as beautiful as this! Great job!

Such a beautiful wedding! the photos are so good I din’t feel bored looking through them despite the huge number!

Your work is so good! I love how authentic and spontaneous your photos are!

Wow these are utterly breathtaking !!

The photographs are beautiful. I must say you have great talent. Impressive. You have left me speechless..

Wow! Stunning photos. The joy of everyone was captured beautifully. I especially love the silhouette sunset photos. Just breathtaking!

Wow. Another series of spectacular photos. Your talent is just overwhelming. So beautiful.

These are amazing! i love the night shots. They are so magical.


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