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What I’m all about…behind the lens, Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer


I love how perfectly sweet and intimate this is. You guys are seriously stunning; let’s create some more magic together soon, alright? 🙂

Redden, I would love that!!! Let’s play!!!

OMG so sweet. Your son took these? Amazing!  What a creative, cozy family you have.

Yes! Thank you! He is pretty amazing!!! He loves playing with my camera…and I have to hire him to second shoot with me! 

It was so fun! So many outtakes…those are my favorites!

Ah yes… love this post! And isn’t it great to have a child who also shares the photographic vision? Lovely.

So lovely my friend. From the short time I’ve known you, this is so…YOU. Perfection.

Haha! Yes! Cuddling…with hot messy hair…yes…that’s ME all over! 


Wow…Justyna…your talent was passed straight down to your son. I mean seriously!! Those are amazing! And I get it now – your obsession with tattooed couples lol 😉  I see what you mean…

Erica Swantek

Love this post and love the photos of you & your hubby! 

Thank you sweetheart! These are truly priceless to me…

Looks like the talent runs in the family! <3 

I am so seriously thinking about “the assistant” for my weddings….