oh my goooosh!!!! so many good shots!! my favorites are all the tilt-shift ones – so so so good – the first one with the snow is just so insane. xoxoxoxo

Oh! Thank you Anna! I love my tilt shift! And absolutely love documenting with it to tell a love story! It’s selective focus is so dreamy!

Wow, this is an incredibly gorgeous collection of photos! So good!

Oh, Justyna. I just adore your work! What a magical year you had indeed. There are so many beautiful stories in your images from 2017 and your couples are so lucky to have had you there for these memories. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for you!

I loved looking through all these photos! So many amazing ones. Your work always has so much movement and emotion in it.

Girl! What a gorgeous year you had 🙂 Beautiful images <3

Seeing all these images together in one place is beautiful! Your 2017 looked like it was amazing and all these images are so unique and intimate.

I think one of my favorite things about your work is all the hair flying in the wind! Breathtaking! So fun to see your faves from the year. Gorgeous!

Absolutely beautiful photos! Breathtaking.

Your use of focus is spot on and adds so much to the photos! What a beautiful year of photographs 🙂

What a ridiculously amazing year you had!

These are all so incredibly beautiful, and I absolutely loooove your use of blur!

All of these close ups…give me all the feels! I love your work so much!

Holy moly! What a absolutely AWESOME yeah you’ve had! I’m blown away by your work and the way you capture light and movement. If this is 2017 I can’t wait to see what your 2018 looks like! <3

Oh my these are stunning! I can’t wait for the day where I get to see some of these stunning locations in person!

Each and every photo is amazing! You should be so proud of your work!

Stunning year in review. what awesome adventures. the hair movement in all of those . %100

What an amazing 2017! I love the intimacy you capture!

you had an amazing year!! So many lovely frames! Totally following you on insta now cause i’m obsessed!

WOW! What an incredible year!! These are gorgeous!

Oh my goodness Justyna, you have just totally grown into your own. Your bokeh, your movement, your emotion, is all just so purely wonderful. You are beyond talented, my lady!!!

Looks like a fantastic year!

I love this more than anything!! You are a talent. UHHHGGHH I love your photos!!!

Wow. Taking my breath away every time. Love the one of the couple close up with sunshine coming through!

These are all so beautiful!! You had a great year!

These engagements and couples photos really showcase the beauty of Colorado! 😍

The Colorado Rockies and Adventurous couples are the perfect combination! These photos are so so gorgeous, authentic, and raw.

Oh my word- don’t mind me just swooning all through this blog! What an incredible year for you! Gorgeous gorgeous work! Cheers to 2018 and many more adventures!

These pictures are so beautiful! I love the expression of the seasons.

Absolutely love all these breathtaking Adventurous Colorado weddings and elopements. Such beautiful work from your 2017 review.

What an epic year! So inspiring – your sense of adventure really shines in these. 🙂

okay these are so stunning! you truly have a gift! If im ever in colorado, I need my photo taken by you!

These are my favorite posts! You are amazing at getting up close moments!

Girl! You’ve had such an epic year, you’re such an incredibly talented colorado wedding photographer!

These are all INCREDIBLE. What a year! Also — I’m freakin obsessed with the tilt shift photos!

So many stunning images from this year! Here’s to a 2018 filled with many more adventurous couples and beautiful locations!

You continue to blow me away chika. I love how freeing your images feel. The amazing amount of trust and fun your clients have with you looks incredible. Beautiful year. Cannot wait to see what 2018 holds for you

I am honestly enthralled by all of these photos. You captured each couple’s essence so beautifully and their love is amazing to see. Thank you for sharing them! xo

You are a tilt shift MASTER! I only dream to become as good as you with it one day!

Everything you do is so romantic and magical. I love your color tonality!