Hanging Lake Proposal, Glenwood Springs, CO, Ben + Gabby


These are so fun!! What a beautiful beautiful gallery!!!

MAGIC! Beautiful proposal photography Justyna! Just lovely images! So did he just happen to bring a dress for her? I’m always curious about stuff like that. So sweet!

Thank you!!! Yes! He bought the dress a month before! I just gave him few link ideas! It was all him!

What a dream proposal! I love hanging lake so much! Congrats to the happy couple, what a fun time!

Such a special, beautiful proposal story! So much authentic emotion in these images.

Love the excitement caught in the pictures. The details all there. Truly magical!

Love this so much! You truly captured the joy of the moment and the day! Also love his Saints shorts! lol! Totally awesome!!

What a great story and beautiful images to document the day! Great work Justyna!

What a beautiful place to be proposed to, this is so awesome! I was gonna ask about the dress but read your responds. You are right about trusting someone enough to capture these special moments without meeting and he picked the perfect person!

what a fun couple and a beautiful proposal!

DAMN these are gorgeous! Looks like you hid pretty well! What a proposal. Awesome work!

So entirely sweet! I absolutely love everything about this session.

You are just awesome at capturing such intense moments. The love is undeniable :). Beautiful as always!