Dancing Light and Shadows Workshop

Justyna E. Butler, of Justyna E Butler Photography, Denver-based, intimate elopement and wedding photographer for madly-in- love people, driven by connection, love, and emotions come together with Monika Colichio of Monika Colichio Photography, a master of shadows, are joining their talent together for one day workshop in the beautiful Colorado.

2 locations, indoor and outdoor, two photographers, and 2 different ways to use light…either to create soulful, emotive images, illuminated images or shadow driven frames. You will learn step by step how to create emotive, raw, light driven images. It’s an incredible chance for photographers who want to learn how to see through the lens of light to get different perspective, create up close and personal, full of emotions images and have fun! We will shoot at an amazing studio, filled with shadows and light to frame our couples.

Between couple hours of shooting both sessions in indoor location, and Couples Connection Session we will not only share our knowledge but share our secrets that helped us see world the way you see in our photographs.

Learn the art of creating beautiful, emotional frames for couples and maternity during this one day retreat geared at couples and maternity photographers

Includes: two locations + snacks +1 full day, hands on workshop

Location: two locations, outdoors and indoors at a beautiful Colorado

Attendees arrive by 12pm on the 9th, we spend all half a day learning and then wrap up the evening of the by 6 pm.

Price: $450

Who’s this for: Photographers who want to dig deeper in learning how to create connection between couples, capture love and authentic, real feelings. Learn to observe, and notice the light. Ideally you will come to the workshop knowing the basics of how to take photographs with your camera and how to edit. There will be a very quick review of basics and fundamentals at the start to make sure everyone is on the same page but this retreat is targeted at expanding on existing skills and pushing yourselves creatively. We plan on including time for individual shooting during the workshop. There will be time set aside for shooting in the field, an in depth discussion on how to approach scenes, and more.

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  • Creating connection with client prior the session
  • Practical/Technical –
  • Gear Essentials and Nice to Have’s
  • The Documentary Approach
  • The Structure of a Story
  • Planning for a couples Session
  • Capturing the moments
  • Knowing When to Shoot for moments
  • Not posing but directing
  • Finding the Light Excercises
  • Light and Shadows secrets
  • Understanding light and using it to create the mood
  • Framing emotions, using light and shadows and focus to intensify the feelings
  • Shooting with your heart for a feeling
  • Making the choice of lenses based of intimacy of images
  • Using imperfection in imagery to embossed emotions into photographs
  • REAL LIFE SHOOT: Indoor  Scene with a real couple/ maternity
  • Marketing: How to Get your Message Across to your Audience
  • Editing –
  • Editing a Scene- cinematic feel
  • Editing to tell a Story

Dancing Light and Shadows WorkshopDancing Light and Shadows WorkshopDancing Light and Shadows WorkshopDancing Light and Shadows WorkshopDancing Light and Shadows WorkshopDancing Light and Shadows Workshop



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