Colorado Mountain Photos I Lookout Mountain Engagement I Alex + Chantel

Lindsay A Tullar

Girl! These are beautiful. I love the intimacy and how passionately in love these two look. Beautiful work!

You captured such intimacy between these two – great work! That can be hard to capture in photos, but clearly they felt comfortable being themselves.


beautiful couple

What a beautiful session! Such a passionate couple that you captured- love it!


These are gorgeous! I love how close you got to photograph them and how connected they are. The black and whites are just stunning!

Justyna your work is so beautiful! It’s always so emotional and authentic. This is a lovely session!

Thank you Allie. I want this couple to look at these 10, 20 years from now and still feel exactly the same as they were on a day they were so in love! There is nothing more timeless, than love and connection between young people that are so in love! As a Colorado Mountain wedding photographer this timeless venue, breathtaking views, and their love…gah…my heart melts!

Jamie Kraus

Oh, I just love the intimacy and connection in these! Wow!

Yes Jamie, love, connection, and all the feels!

These guys are so sensual with each other! Combines with your shooting style, these are such great moments captured!!

Awe…thank you so much! This timeless Colorado Mountain engagement session was filled with love and connection! Alex and Chantel are so beautifuly in love that it was such a treat for me to photograph. As a Colorado Mountain Wedding photographer I love capturing adventurous couples, their passion for each other and breathtaking Colorado Views!


The moodiness is so real. Love it